Trial, Demo, or Product Tour? - Results from Analyzing 5625 B2B SaaS CTAs

The call to action sets the stage for the rest of the buyer journey ...
Neil Mclean
May 20, 2021

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5 Ways to Incorporate Interactive Product Demos Into The Customer Journey

Neil Mclean on September 06, 2021

During a bygone era, prospects would sit back and watch the sales process unfold in front of them. The product was often hidden so first interactions with the product would occur after a few calls with the vendor.

How to Craft a SaaS Demo Follow-up Email That Converts

Neil Mclean on September 05, 2021

Crafting a SaaS demo follow-up email is easy; crafting one that converts isn't.

Self-Service Education With An Interactive Product Tour

Neil Mclean on September 05, 2021

In the past, it was common for software vendors to be the gatekeeper of information in the buying process. Everything was accessible, as long as you went through their sales process.

What is a Demo Engineer?

Neil Mclean on September 04, 2021

A demo engineer is someone who works with customer-facing teams to prepare and deliver tailored, solution-oriented demos.

Driving Product-Led Growth with Interactive Demos

Neil Mclean on September 04, 2021

Nowadays, end-users often determine who wins in SaaS. They are more likely to find products on their own and tell their bosses which ones to buy.

Where Do Website Product Tours Fit in Your Marketing Stack?

Neil Mclean on September 04, 2021

Without a doubt, SaaS buyers' expectations have shifted, especially those looking for marketing solutions. Today, marketers expect to have a more hands-on experience when testing a platform before committing to a lengthy subscription.


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