3 Ways to Use Slack + Interactive Demos

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For sales reps, it’s important to stay on top of updates to leads or opportunities and respond in real-time.

And there’s no better tool to quickly communicate those updates than Slack.

With the new Navattic Slack integration, you can alert sales and customer success teams whenever someone interacts with a demo, offering valuable insight into prospect and customer behavior.

In this article, we share three ways our customers are already using the integration to jump on hot leads and better understand their customers.

How to Set Up Navattic + Slack

You can connect Navattic and Slack in just a few steps:

  1. In Navattic, click on “Integrations” in the MANAGE section.
  2. Activate the Slack integration. Note: You must be a Slack Workspace Admin to add Navattic to your instance.
  3. Slack will prompt you to add the Navattic app to your workspace.
  4. Test the connection by sending a test event to a specific channel.
  5. Choose which Navattic fields you want to map to each Slack channel.
  6. Connect the Projects you want to send data for.

Once you’ve activated the integration, Navattic data will appear in Slack like this:

Navattic Slack Integration

We also have a step-by-step interactive demo to walk you through the process.

3 Ways to Use Slack + Navattic

There are three main ways our customers use Slack to disseminate Navattic data, inform revenue teams’ next steps, and, ultimately, speed up the sales cycle.

Example 1: Alert AEs to Parts of Your Product Prospects Are Interested In

Sales teams are always looking for an “in” with a new prospect, and interactive demos can point them directly to the features buyers are resonating with.

Sydney Lawson, Product Marketing Manager at Athennian, has built interactive demo Slack alerts into the sales rep workflow: “As soon as someone clicks to book a demo through our product tours, sales immediately gets notified.”

From there, reps review the demos each prospect has gone through, which clues them into pain points or use cases to focus on when personalizing their upcoming live demos.

Example 2: Alert CS to Upsell Opportunities

At most companies, sales teams aren’t the only people carrying a quota — customer success professionals may be responsible for customer expansion.

If that’s the case, CS will want to know how customers interact with demos included in onboarding flows, help documentation, or email sequences.

At Athennian, CS teams are alerted to customers who go through feature-specific interactive demos,

“Our CS team gets a notification on Slack and can see, for example, this specific customer went through a tour about our integration with HubSpot. CSMs can then reach out to that customer literally that day and say, 'Hey, I noticed that you are looking at the HubSpot integration with Athennian. Did you need some support?'”

These alerts help CS folks be more proactive and tailored in their upsell conversations, narrowing their focus to features customers have already expressed interest in.

Example 3: See if Prospects Engage With Leave Behinds

Instead of static one-pagers or hour-long demo recordings, some of our customers have had reps send interactive demos as follow-up assets.

One of our customers, Coupa, explained that their enterprise buying process involves multiple decision-makers (typically 11-13 individuals). In those deals, it’s crucial for them to maintain momentum after an initial conversation and support additional stakeholders who get involved in the procurement process on a rolling basis.

“It may not be practical or the best customer experience for our sellers to repeat full-blown demos at later stages. So instead, we share an interactive demo as a leave-behind, which allows decision-makers to revisit the value messaging even when we’re not physically present and to easily share the resource internally.”

According to the team, providing an engaging leave-behind like Navattic has been “an efficient way to communicate the key features and benefits of Coupa, which has helped us accelerate our sales process.”

Connecting these assets to Slack enables reps to monitor who at the prospect company is engaging with each demo, surfacing potential champions who could help them take the deal across the finish line.

If you’re looking for other ways to level up your use of Navattic, read about how you can leverage interactive demos to:


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