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How to add Interactive Demos to G2 and TrustRadius

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Natalie Marcotullio
Natalie Marcotullio

Want to showcase the full breadth of your product on review sites?

Within your G2 and TrustRadius profile, you can now add an interactive demo — just like you would add videos or screenshots.

Interactive demos provide prospects and customers with a hands-on walk-through experience of your product throughout the sales and marketing funnel.

Why add interactive demos to G2 or TrustRadius

Most SaaS companies will add product screenshots or videos to their review sites so prospects can understand their product UI. Interactive demos have distinct benefits over SaaS demo videos, including:

  • Increased engagement - In reality, most leads aren’t watching product videos. On an average site, only 10 - 15% of visitors watch the video. And that’s because it’s not giving prospects the level of interaction they crave. Interactive demos allow them to experience what it’s like working with your product and encourage them to visualize using it in their organization.
  • Lower cost - The best videos require the best in-house or external talent, and those people are expensive. Filming, editing, and rendering can push video costs over $5,000 per minute. Interactive demo software is reasonably priced, and its template-based structure makes it easy to create multiple versions of your demo without additional costs.
  • Time savings - Even if you outsource your video production, most top agencies ask for at least a month to complete one video. Any team member can build a demo in minutes with interactive demo software. And they don’t have to start from scratch — they can just copy and adjust an existing template.
  • Relevance - You could spend hundreds of dollars and hours on a product video, and it would be out of date in a few months. Even large companies like Salesforce change their UI 3 times a year, and startups move at an even faster rate. Interactive demo software lets you swap out certain pieces of a prebuilt demo with new data to ensure you’re showing off the best, latest version of your product.

Making the switch to interactive demos can significantly impact your marketing KPIs. One customer saw a 450% increase in conversions when switching from video to interactive demo.

How to add interactive demos to G2 or TrustRadius

You’ll need at least the G2 essentials plan to add an interactive demo. Interactive demos are available on TrustRadius for free for all vendors. To add a demo to your profile:

  1. Choose a no-code interactive demo software - You’ll need interactive demo software to create an interactive demo. Solutions like Navattic enable any GTM team member to create controlled, consistent demos with drag-and-drop functionality. Users spin up their demos and personalize them in minutes using a no-code editor.
  2. Decide your audience - Different personas care about different parts of your product, and knowing who you’re building an interactive demo for is critical for customization. Before designing your demo, consider things like whether your ideal customer is an end user or an admin, what vertical you’re targeting, and what department or function your ICP might work in.
  3. Determine what to highlight - After you decide who your interactive demo is for, it’s time to identify 2 to 4 “aha moments” for your audience. Map out when they see each feature and add accompanying text or overlays to highlight how your product stands out from the competition.
  4. Optimize your demo for review websites - What looks good on your website or in an email may not look great on a review page. Try out various embed settings to see what looks best, and test your demo on different browsers and screen sizes to make sure you’re putting your best foot foward.

To add to G2 - Go to your G2 vendor profile. Under “Product Profile” click “Interactive Demo” at the bottom of the screen. Then, upload the URL of your demo in the Demo URL box.

To add to TrustRadius - Go to your TrustRadius vendor portal. Under “Product Listing” click edit and “Edit This Listing”. On the left navbar scroll down to Product Demos. Then upload your demo URL, give your demo a Title, and select “Interactive Demo” for Demo Type.

3 examples of demos on review sites

A few B2B SaaS companies have already taken advantage of adding an interactive demo to their review site profile. Below, we describe what each company shows in their interactive demo and how it looks on their site.


Demandbase, an account intelligence platform, uses an interactive demo to show how account engagement metrics are trending over time, with line graphs and heatmaps, broken out by new and returning page views.

Demandbase G2 Demo

The interactive demo continues to walk through how users might do a deeper analysis of accounts that visited their website, showing how users can sort by page views or % change in page views to see the most engaged accounts. Within the interactive demo, users can even see the top intent keywords at an account and trending keywords overall.

Sales teams using the interactive demo on G2 can see exactly how the intel Demandbase provides can help their AEs and BDRs better prioritize accounts for outreach.


Qualio, the #1 ranked electronic quality management system (eQMS), uses G2 to educate potential buyers as well, explaining exactly what the interactive demo will cover from the get-go:

Qualio G2 Demo

Qualio is a complex product, but the interactive demo takes the user through each of the navigation headers, one by one, showing how Qualio helps users sign off on documents, complete training, run reports, and more.

Explaining how each of these features work and how they benefit Qualio users preempts some of the FAQs buyers might have. Getting their questions answered on G2 makes for a more engaging call with a member of the Qualio sales team.


Athennian, entity and subsidiary management software has also used the interactive demo feature on G2 to their advantage.

Athennian G2 Demo

Since Athennian’s product has so many features, they start their interactive demo with a checklist. Users can either use the checklist to track what they’ve learned or jump to the features they care about most, whether it be documents, org charts, or minute books.

In this way, Athennian makes users time on G2 as efficient as possible — they can see exactly which feature they’re interested in in action.

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