What is Coupa?

Coupa offers cloud spend management (CSM) solutions that help companies control and gain visibility into their spending while generating savings that go directly to the bottom line. Coupa empowers companies around the world with the visibility and control they need to spend smarter and safer.

What was the problem you were initially facing?

Before Navattic, prospective customers had to wait 2-3 weeks to get a demo and even longer to get a test drive. We were looking for an on-demand demo that met our customers where they were. We also wanted these demos to be guided experiences so that customers wouldn’t get lost, and could experience the most impactful areas of Coupa in a short period of time.

Why did you decide to use Navattic? How did Navattic stand out from other vendors in the space?

In our evaluation, we completed a POC with two other vendors. We found that some platforms were quite feature-rich, but unfortunately cumbersome to use - it took us a long time to build out a single demo.  We also looked at vendors that offered primarily screenshot-based solutions, but decided it was important to equip our sales team with truly interactive content that represented our software well.

We found that Navattic offered robust functionality, while still being exceptionally easy to use. Specifically, we appreciated the dynamic representation of our product. It was most important for us to create lifelike demo experiences that feel just like the actual software, and the linear guide builder helps our team tell compelling end-to-end stories. We were able to create multiple sales-oriented demos within the first month of our partnership.

Beyond the product, what excited us most about Navattic was the opportunity to enter into a long-term collaborative partnership. In meeting members of the go-to-market and leadership team, it was clear that we were more than just another customer; we were strategic partners. Having worked with Navattic for over a year now, we have always felt valued and confident that our feedback is taken into real consideration.

When do you use demos in the sales process?

In an enterprise buying process involving multiple decision-makers (typically 11-13 individuals), it is crucial to maintain momentum after the initial conversation, and to support additional stakeholders who get involved on a rolling basis. It may not be practical or the best customer experience for our sellers to repeat full-blown demos at later stages.

Instead, sharing an interactive demo as a leave-behind allows decision-makers to revisit the value messaging even when we’re not physically present, and to easily share the resource internally. This has been an efficient way to communicate the key features and benefits of Coupa, helping us accelerate our sales process.

In addition to gaining positive feedback from the sales team and our customers, we found that several Navattic interactive demos helped influence over $10M of ARR in the latter half of 2022.

What are some other ways you plan to use Navattic in the future?

Outside of sales, our marketing team plans to use interactive demos for demand generation. We’re also exploring demos for both internal seller enablement as well as external enablement to help our partners better sell Coupa’s suite of products.

Anything additional for prospective buyers to know about the solution?

Navattic is powerful, yet really easy to use. We mastered the art of creating top-tier product tours in under a month, with zero technical resources involved. We also continue to be impressed by the dedicated support we receive from the success and leadership team. We intended to find a strategic partner in Navattic, and they have more than upheld that role for us.