What is Dooly?

Dooly is the fastest way to update Salesforce, take sales notes, and easily manage all your deals. With Dooly, sellers become the best versions of themselves by eliminating the busywork, selling with consistency, and collaborating with the right people so they can hit their number.

What was the problem you were facing?

Everyone takes in information differently, and videos weren’t sufficient in communicating our product to all users. Some customers who visited our site would say, “We love your brand, but what exactly does Dooly do?” Embedding interactive demos on our website answers this question immediately by providing an opportunity to explore the product, without having to set up an account or connect their Salesforce instance.

Why Navattic?

Before Navattic, we tried a different interactive demo vendor and just weren’t happy. The demo-building process required a highly technical skillset, which prevented us from quickly deploying demos on our website. Navattic’s guided demo builder is intuitive and lets me build the entire demo on my own without needing to engage technical resources. This has helped us build and update demos quickly to keep up with website and product updates.

I also appreciate the proactive communication we receive from the Navattic team. With Navattic, we feel like truly valued customers and know we can count on them to provide the guidance we need to be successful.

How are you using Navattic product tours today?

I like that interactive demos enable users to take in information in an entirely new way, by letting users click around to understand how Dooly works for them. We use demos on our website and in product launches to let customers try Dooly for themselves. We recently launched a new Dooly in Action page built entirely around interactive demos. Our goal is to show customers the value of our product with as little friction as possible, and to encourage high-intent customers to have more in-depth conversations with sales.

We also use demos to support product launches. Anytime we release a new feature, we make a Navattic demo for it!

What are some results you have seen?

Our sales team has really embraced Navattic demos (I was kind of shocked by how excited they were to share demos with prospective buyers). Receiving a demo on a feature you were most interested in feels more personalized than just an email or one-pager, and is just as scalable for our team to share. Navattic’s new demo personalization ability makes this even easier.