What is Athennian

Athennian is a modern business entity and subsidiary governance platform that powers teams to be transaction, audit, and compliance-ready. Legal, finance, and tax professionals use Athennian to automate workflows for ownership, governance, tax, and corporate compliance.

What was the problem you were facing?

The Athennian platform is one of the most intuitive entity management and business workflow platforms on the market. However, in order to use Athennian and maximize functionality, new users need to migrate years or even decades worth of data over to our platform. We knew we wanted to provide some sort of free trial or self-guided demo of the platform in order to show immediate value for new users, but there was no easy way for us to do that. This was going to require too much of a lift for our development team, so we decided to see what other options we had to showcase Athennian.

Why Navattic?

When we found Navattic, we realized it could solve our problem of wanting to show people “under the hood” of Athennian without having to import real customer data in order to make it effective. We could easily create guided product tours to share with prospects right away, and let our product speak for itself.

On the customer side, we also realized that asking a prospect to schedule a sales call as the first touch point can be intimidating. Instead of connecting with a sales rep from the beginning, prospects can now explore Athennian at their own pace with Navattic. This helps prospects self-qualify prior to joining a customized demo with the sales team, leading to more impactful conversations and an overall shorter deal cycle.

What are some results you have seen?

We’ve used interactive product tours built on Navattic for lead generation and deal acceleration. We’ve seen real results with 22% of product tour registrations subsequently converting to marketing-qualified leads. Navattic is an easy platform to work with, and we had our first Product Tour live on our site in a matter of days.

In terms of deployment, we first created an in-depth product tour for our website, which thousands of visitors engage with each month. After seeing the success of this product tour, we decided to build product tours for specific use cases, personas, and customers in different industries. We house these tours in a gated demo center, which allows visitors to browse our various options to choose the content that is most relevant for them. Our interactive, product-led initiatives now contribute to over 25% of annual leads.

Navattic has saved us time and sales resources by providing only the most highly qualified product leads. Leads from Navattic already know what the Athennian product does, and are confident that it addresses a pain point that they have. This allows our sales reps to focus on specific questions during their demos, and significantly reduces the time spent on initial discovery. Lastly, we’ve noticed that using product tours during the sales process ultimately shortens the learning curve when those users become customers.

What are some other ways you currently use Navattic?

We recently decided to form gate our product tours – this has helped us see clear value from Navattic by capturing new leads each month. We also integrate Navattic with Hubspot to inform our sales team of a prospect’s product tour engagement history, allowing them to tailor sales interactions based on the product areas the prospect has already seen.

We also create product tours to support customer enablement and customer marketing. These are used to update existing customers on a quarterly feature release, or to promote new features and integrations. We use a Growth Flywheel model similar to Hubspot and have found that our Navattic product tours are applicable in each of the three stages of that flywheel–not only with lead generation and sales, but in our customer marketing and product enablement strategies as well.

What has been a highlight of your experience with Navattic?

Navattic is really ahead of the game in terms of features and content! Every time I think of a feature that would be useful, I open the Navattic product newsletter and find out that it already exists. I get many marketing newsletters, and I’m actually excited to see what’s new with Navattic each month.