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Calgary, 2016

What is Athennian

Athennian’s modern, cloud-based solution for corporate secretaries is currently used by hundreds of top law firms and in-house legal teams to effectively manage corporate data and compliance. Athennian’s technology enables corporate secretaries to implement legal entity governance with ease, through automated filings for annual reports, amendments, formations, and more, all without leaving Athennian.

What was the problem you were facing?

We were looking for an easy to use solution to help prospect understand the power of the Athennian platform before ever talking to sales. We wanted to eliminate any barrier to product value for a top of the funnel prospect looking to learn more about our solution.

Why Navattic?

We’ve used interactive product tours built on Navattic for lead generation and deal acceleration. It’s been an incredible way for Athennian to become more product-led and show prospective clients our platform so that they understand the value it brings first hand.

What are some results you have seen?

We’ve seen real results with 22% of product tour registrations subsequently converting to marketing-qualified leads. Navattic is an easy platform to work with, and we had our first Product Tour live on our site in a matter of days.

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