7 Examples of LinkedIn Interactive Demo Launches

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After spending time perfecting your interactive demo, you want to share it with your audience. And for B2B LinkedIn is one of the best channels for doing so.

Many of our customers launch their interactive demos through LinkedIn to boost brand exposure and get more attention from prospects.

But a social launch can be overwhelming. So, if you’re stuck, keep reading — we’ve compiled a list of our favorite examples as a source of potential ideas.

7 B2B SaaS Interactive Demo Launches on LinkedIn

Below, we detail seven launches, explaining how they structured their demos, what made their particular launches special, and how much engagement they drove through social media.

Before you follow suit, build a mobile swipe version of your demo to capture the most traffic — many LinkedIn users are on their smartphones.

1. Workbooks

Workbooks is a modern CRM with order management, fulfillment, event management, marketing automation, and invoicing all rolled into one platform.

The company targets growing companies looking to streamline their business operations for a reasonable price.

Because many of those prospects are on LinkedIn, the Workbooks team shared strategic posts on their company page and their CMO’s profile, pushing potential customers to try out the product themselves.

Company Page

The Workbooks company page post hooks readers in with compelling copy, encouraging them to consider whether an enterprise-grade CRM — and all the complexities of an enterprise sales process — are truly what they want.

Rather than waiting to talk to sales, they can instantly see whether Workbooks has the features they want.

Workbook interactive demo LI Post

The team also used a GIF of the interactive demo to preview what users see in the tour, making them curious enough to scroll down to the link in the comments and try it out.

Clicking the link opens a new window where users can immediately start seeing how Workbooks works and how it could fit into their workflow.

Employee Page

To generate even more hype for the interactive demo, the Workbooks CMO, Dan Roche, reshared the company page post explaining why the company decided to build an interactive demo.

Workbook CMO interactive demo LI Post

2. Klue

Klue, a competitive intelligence software company, launched an interactive demo for a new feature, Klue Insights, on LinkedIn.

A majority of Klue’s audience — product marketers — are active on LinkedIn, so it made sense to make a splash on the company page and via Klue employees.

Company Page

The company page post connects directly with Klue’s product marketer audience, explaining how Insights can save them time and effort by automatically compiling competitive information and storing it all in one place.

Klue interactive demo LI Post

The accompanying short video catches peoples’ attention and echoes these same benefits, driving users to the Insights landing page.

When users click through to the Insights feature page, they are invited to “Take Klue Insights for a test drive,” opening up the interactive demo on the same screen.

Klue Interactive Demo

Employee Page

Klue’s team played a role in publicizing the Insights interactive demo as well.

Eric Holland, a product marketing consultant at Klue, reshared the company post detailing his struggles to collect and sift through competitive intelligence before Insights.

Eric Klue Interactive Demo Post

At the end of the post, he details all the ways Insights can improve product marketers’ workflows and help them build battlecards their sales teams will actually use.

Showing empathy for his fellow product marketers and explaining how they can overcome their daily struggles drives them through the interactive demo.

3. Blameless

Blameless is a reliability engineering platform that facilitates blameless retrospectives, uses AI to accelerate incident resolution, and optimizes innovation.

Like the other companies featured here, the Blameless ICP is actively scrolling on LinkedIn, which makes it the perfect place to broadcast its interactive demo.

Company Page

On the company page, Blameless encourages potential customers to go through a step-by-step incident response workflow and details all of the features they’ll see along the way.

They even share a screenshot of one of those steps to show users what the tour will look like.

Blameless Interactive Demo Post

The team kept this post engaging with emojis, clear language, and short sentences. They further enticed the reader to try the demo by leaving it ungated.

Clicking the link takes them straight to a landing page with an embedded interactive demo of the workflow, from getting an incident notification in Slack or Teams to resolution.

4. Peoplelogic

Peoplelogic, an AI-powered tool for efficient scaling, used LinkedIn to raise awareness of the platform's scope and affordability.

They used their company page and VP of Growth’s profile to highlight the pain points HR teams typically face and show how Peoplelogic uses AI to build and sustain a productive workforce.

Company Page

The animated video on the company’s LinkedIn page post catches people’s eyes right away, showing them what Peoplelogic does, how much it costs, and how the platform looks.

Peoplelogic company LinkedIn post

The post text is short and sweet, keeping users focused on the video and landing page — which has an “Interactive Tour” CTA.

Peoplelogic Website

Clicking the “Interactive Tour” button opens a new window and jumps the user straight into the demo.

Peoplelogic Interactive Demo

It provides users with a high-level overview of what they’ll learn and allows them to choose which use cases to explore (1:1s, reviews, professional development plans, etc.) from a built-in checklist.

Employee Page

Unlike a few of the other examples we've seen, Mike Ciulla, Peoplelogic’s VP of Growth, doesn’t reshare the company’s post.

Instead, he creates his own post highlighting the engagement they’ve gotten on the interactive demo specifically, getting prospects excited and making them want to take the tour themselves.

Mike Peoplelogic Interactive Demo

5. SmartPass

SmartPass is an all-in-one hallway management system that helps schools promote student accountability and increase their time in class.

The company’s brand strategist, Karli Hetherington, used LinkedIn to showcase the first product tour she built with Navattic and attract more potential customers.

Employee Page

In her LinkedIn post, Karli shares a picture of the first step of her demo to pique people’s interest.

She also explains exactly what her intentions are with the demo — to get a sense of where visitors drop off and how an interactive demo affects the sales cycle overall.

Smartpass Karli employee LinkedIN post

Being honest about what she’s using the demo for and asking for feedback on her first one helped her connect with her audience and get more engagement on the post.

6. Kion

Kion is a CloudOps automation tool that simplifies financial management and compliance.

They built a Navattic demo to show prospects how they gain control, context, and actionable insights from the Kion platform.

Company Page

In their LinkedIn company page post, the Kion team gives users a glimpse of the interactive demo.

But it’s not just any screenshot of the demo — they’ve animated it with some text, their logo, and other design elements to make it eye-catching.

Kion Interactive Demo LinkedIn Post

There’s very little text in the post, which prompts users to visit the desktop interactive demo.

After clicking the link, an extensive tour opens. It first takes prospects through the Kion cloud org chart and then asks for their contact information to continue the demo.

The Kion marketing team uses these details to nurture the prospects who made it through the first several steps of the tour.

Employee Page

Shane Quinlan, the former VP of Product, reshared Kion’s company page post for extra visibility.

Kion Employee LinkedIn post

In it, he highlights how the tour is helping Kion show potential customers how the platform works rather than just telling them.

7. MeBeBot

MeBeBot automates employee support for HR, IT, and Operations with Intelligent Assistants.

The MeBeBot team leveraged its LinkedIn company page and the Fractional CMO’s profile to clue prospective customers into its main value proposition: enhancing overall company productivity.

Company Page

The MeBeBot company page post has several elements that keep LinkedIn users from scrolling away:

  • Emojis that grab readers’ attention
  • 1 - 2 lines of text at a time that increase readability
  • Social proof that shows what kinds of companies benefit from MeBeBot
  • A quote from a real customer
Mebebot Interactive Demo LinkedIn Post

Then, they introduce the product tour as a way for users to “accelerate their AI knowledge at their own pace” and include a screenshot as a preview.

Clicking the link in the comments opens up a full-screen demo that runs through the MeBeBot home page for business users and the platform’s hybrid AI approach.

Employee Page

Bennett Sung, MeBeBot’s Fractional CMO, reshared the company page post for more exposure.

Mebebot employee linkedin post

His post gives his high-level take on how interactive demos engage early B2B buyers and how MeBeBot can support employees everywhere.

He concludes with a link to the interactive demo, encouraging users to “go on their own adventure.”

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