Customer Interview Series: Personalized Demo Environments with Alexander Yant

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About this series:

We spoke with the builders whose interactive demos were part of the top 1% of top-performing interactive demos from our State of the Interactive Product Demo 2024.

See how Alexander Yant at Slope uses checklists and personalization variables to create highly personalized demo environments for their prospects.

How do you use interactive demos at Slope?

Slope is a clinical trial execution platform for research sites, so when they need kits, when they need to know where their kits are, where their samples are, we're kind of that air traffic control or GPS system, that gets everything to where it should be and helps everybody communicate.

We use Navattic to share our software effectively, providing a tailored demo experience that communicates what we do clearly, especially since what we do is pretty novel within the space

Navattic also helps us maintain consistency across demo presentations by different team members.

How do you incorporate these demos into your sales process?

We began by creating flows for inventory management to show how our system diverges from traditional spreadsheet tracking.

We created a series of captures that highlights all of our main features without running the risk of going into a demo environment and realizing that our tech team was working on it.

Before we might get 500 errors or something like this. Now we rely on Navattic to know exactly what is to be expected on that next screen and feel confident as we are giving live presentations.

We’ve also expanded and developed a 'demo toolbox' with a checklist at the bottom with seven or eight flows depending on the persona or use case.

We also personalize each demo with personalization variables. As soon as somebody comes to us we can plug in their research site. So they see their name on the page, their title, and their site in the demo environment.

It gives it a much more, not only personalized but warmer experience.

Can you walk through sales-led demos?

The process starts with storyboarding, we want to make that story very short and to the point.

As my boss loves to say focus on selling the sizzle, not just the steak.

We aim to make our demos concise and impactful, showing only the most relevant and engaging parts of our platform.

You can think of it as building a music album. These songs not only need to sound great but need to flow together in the album.

Any tips or recommendations you'd have for someone new to Navattic?

Approach it like an art project. Think about the story you want to tell and get excited about the creative aspect.

The technical side of using Navattic is straightforward, so focus on bringing your creative vision to life through the platform.

Have you received any feedback on the Navattic experience?

Feedback has been very positive. Our clinical operations team has expressed interest in using Navattic for training purposes since it is a more engaging and streamlined experience than training through spreadsheets or Word docs.

Prospects really enjoy the personalized aspects of our demos, it can help relax any tensions and make it less seem like a rigid sales experience and more of just kind of a fun conversation.


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