Customer Interview Series: Nurturing Leads with Merve Alsan

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About this series:

We spoke with the builders whose interactive demos were part of the top 1% of top-performing interactive demos from our State of the Interactive Product Demo 2024.

See how Merve Alsan at Weglot replaced videos and images to nurture leads through interactive demos on their website, in email sequences, and on YouTube.

How do you use interactive demos at Weglot?

Weglot is a website translation solution that allows you to translate your website in minutes.

We wanted to find a way to show people how Weglot works in real-time. Not everyone knows how website translation solutions work, it's not as straightforward as, for example, an email service.

We struggled a bit with clearly showing what our product is and what it offers.

The first demo was very simple, just showing a basic user journey. After seeing good results, such as a 40% click-through rate, we expanded its use to other channels like nurturing emails and YouTube videos.

When we put the interactive demo link on YouTube, we started getting more traffic and now we have the highest conversion rate from people coming from YouTube.

Before YouTube visitors wouldn't even know what Weglot was, despite watching a full video by us, and now we have this extra channel of leads.

Weglot demo
Click in to see the Weglot Interactive Demo

How do you use interactive demos in your nurturing emails?

Mostly for nurturing leads. For example, if you came to our website and downloaded an ebook or an infographic, you could get added to these nurturing sequences.

Adding demos to these sequences provides prospects with a direct look at what Weglot can do, nurturing them faster and shortening the sales funnel.

What’s your process for building interactive demos for different use cases?

One of our problems is explaining to people what Weglot does because it's not necessarily clear. We had videos and different types of images to help make it obvious, but we felt like we could do more.

Our focus is to make the demo simple yet effective. We consider what we want users to feel and know after they're done with the demo. The main goal is for them to feel confident and familiar with Weglot.

It's important to keep the demo straightforward and fun, focusing more on engaging the user rather than overwhelming them with too much detail.

After creating a demo, we share it with various team members, including the sales team, to get feedback on what might be missing or unnecessary. This collaboration helps us refine the demo to ensure it effectively communicates Weglot's capabilities.

Any tips or recommendations you'd have for someone new to Navattic?

I recommend looking at other interactive demos to see what works and what doesn't.

It's helpful to note down aspects of other demos that you find engaging or off-putting.

Asking questions and using Navattic's support resources can also be very beneficial, as the team is very responsive and helpful in brainstorming and problem-solving.

That's really one of the one of the greatest values of Navattic. It's not that you necessarily need someone because it's really very easy to use. But it feels very nice to have that team that's ready to support you and your ideas.

Have you received any feedback on the Navattic experience?

The feedback has been very positive. The sales team has noted that leads find the demos extremely helpful for understanding Weglot.

It's been more effective than any other medium that we've used, whether a video, blog articles, or images.

People have very short attention spans, so you can make the most beautiful video, but it will never grab attention as much as an interactive demo.


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