5 Examples of Interactive Demo Email Follow Ups

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If you gate your interactive demo, you’ll want to follow up with leads to give them more helpful information or next steps.

But how many emails should you send, and what content should you provide?

For some inspiration, we reviewed a handful of our customers’ demos and highlighted some of our favorite email campaigns.

Tips For Follow-Up Emails

There are two keys to successful follow-ups: timeliness and value.

For each demo we filled out, we got an email the same day we went through our customer’s demo — most often within the hour. Fast follow-ups show that you have a tight go-to-market process and keep your product top of mind.

Our customers sent an average of 3.8 emails in their follow-up campaigns, each featuring a new resource or CTA.

The emails included a variety of CTAs to drive the prospect to conversion, such as booking a live demo or trying a free trial of the software. Others provided more context, with additional assets and ways for prospects to learn and engage with the product.

5 Examples of Interactive Demo Follow-Up Emails

If you’re struggling to know what to write in your emails, here are some ideas from five of our SaaS customers.

Example #1: Funnel Leasing

Company: Funnel Leasing is a CRM property management software for agents and owners.

Because the platform is an all-in-one solution, Funnel Leasing is leveraging interactive demos (and follow-ups) to showcase the myriad ways prospects can gain value from the tool, from marketing automation to AI agents to reporting.

Subject line: 👀 Wait till you see what else Funnel can do…


Funnel leasing follow up email

Why we highlighted:

Social proof. Funnel gives prospects a sense of who else trusts their property management. And they don’t just display logos; they quantify their social proof: “8 of the top 25 leading and largest names in multifamily.”

Intriguing subject line. The teaser makes prospects curious about the additional functionality Funnel Leasing may offer. The emoji may also stand out in a potential customer’s inbox.

Short and direct language. At this point, the prospect has already gotten a glimpse of the product in the tour. They don’t need a lengthy email repeating the same information they just learned.

Example #2: Delinea

Company: Delinea is a privileged access management platform serving a range of clientele, from telecommunications companies to energy and utility services.

Their overall product demo covers just a sliver of what the software can do, so follow-up campaigns nudge prospects to explore other content relevant to their needs and use cases.

Subject line: Thanks for your interest in our Privilege Manager Interactive Demos!


Delinea demo follow up email

Why we highlighted:

More resources. Clicking on the “Resources Center” link takes prospects to a repository of analyst reports, case studies, videos, and whitepapers they can use to deepen their knowledge and make a case for buying Delinea for their team.

Not exclusively sales-focused. The team at Delinea knows that not everyone who goes through their interactive demo is ready to buy. Although the email allows them to chat with a specialist, prospects have other options to self-serve.

It’s human. Sharing Cole’s name gives the email a more personalized feel. You’re not just connecting with some random rep — he’s a real human.

Easy return to demo. Prospects don’t have to go back to the Delinea website to find the demo. They just click the button and go straight back

Note: Be careful to limit the number of links you have in your emails. Too many may get you caught in spam filters.

Example #3: Yellowdig

Company: Yellowdig, an online learning platform for student engagement, has multiple features that encourage students to interact with their peers and instructors.

They’re using interactive demos to show the impact Yellowdig can have on learning, retention rates, and faculty satisfaction.

Subject line: Join Our Live Demo Webinar to Learn More About Yellowdig


Yellowdig Interactive Demo Follow Up Email

Why we highlighted:

Commitment to follow-up. This was the second email we received from Yellowdig. It’s not repeating information from the first email. Instead, it’s inviting prospects to join a live discussion and get their questions answered.

Prospects choose how to learn. They can attend the webinar, re-run through the interactive demo, or watch a 3-minute video. If they have any questions as they go along, they can simply respond to the email with any questions.

Example #4: Jellyfish

Company: Jellyfish, an engineering management platform, helps teams optimize their engineering team’s time, output, and talent.

The company’s interactive demos are geared toward engineering leaders — not just telling but showing how Jellyfish’s reports and dashboards drive business impact and improve the developer experience.

Their follow-ups continue the conversation with upper management, giving them tools they can use in their day-to-day and to sell Jellyfish internally.

Subject line: Some additional resources for you


Jellyfish interactive demo follow up email

Why we highlighted:

Feels personalized. It feels like the Jellyfish team has considered what the prospect has already seen and has tailored the other case study and slide resources in the email according to their needs and interests.

Includes relevant stats. Adding the “24%” metric from the case study draws prospects in, getting them excited for the potential engineering utilization KPIs they could hit with Jellyfish.

Pushes prospects to subscribe. Even if a potential customer isn’t prepared to buy right now, Jellyfish increases the chances they’ll convert later by sending them more compelling stats and information in their newsletter.

Example #5 (Pre interactive demo): Rossum

Company: Rossum is an AI document processing solution that helps enterprise companies reduce manual processes and ensure data accuracy.

While the company serves many industries, its core customer is in the finance or HR department. These folks don’t have time to talk to sales, particularly during busy points of the year.

Interactive demos make it easier and quicker for them to learn about Rossum without investing an hour into a live demo upfront.

Unlike the other emails we’ve presented, this one is part of a campaign that previews an interactive demo to their target audience.

Subject line: {{Name}}, Take A Spin Round Our Kickass Interactive Demo


Rossum interactive demo follow up email

Why we highlighted:

Catchy subject line. Rossum grabs people’s attention with a strongly worded subject line, with a screenshot of their beautiful demo inside to back it up.

Versatile. The team at Rossum could easily use this email in a campaign targeting folks who only went through part of a demo, prompting them to come back and finish it — especially since it’ll only take 2 minutes out of their day.

Emphasizes speed. Letting prospects know the demo is short and sweet increases their chances of running through it. There’s no need to sign up for a long, live demo.

Previews the content. The descriptions above and below the graphics in the email highlight exactly what will be covered in the interactive demo so prospects know it will be useful.

Post-interactive demo follow-ups and product tour previews are just one way to get your prospects excited about your product.

Here are a few other ways to engage them throughout the sales lifecycle:


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