Don’t miss out on creating that “in-product” feeling

Clone your product's look and feel to show it in its best light - instead of static screenshot tours or vague videos
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Build experiences that mirrors your real UI

Use HTML/ CSS captures to let website visitors play around with a pixel-perfect replica of your product.
Navattic flow builder

Clean up messy demo environments

Fix your demo environment using no-code editing. No more going into source code or trying to manually blur out screenshots.
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Tell personalized product stories

Customize data, text, and images to make demos speak directly to target accounts or specific industries.
Navattic Checklist
"We did consider building a tour using screenshots and animations but quickly realized that we were missing the “in-product” feeling."
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"We tested our interactive demo against an existing product tour video. After a few weeks, we saw a +450% lift in free trial signups."
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"Overall it’s a better experience for us and our audience compared to video content because Navattic interactive demos are easier to create, update, and click through for end users."
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"We hit a wall with tools like screenshots and videos - they just weren’t driving the acquisition and activation metrics at scale."
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