Don't let prospects fumble through your product

Guide prospects through your product's aha moments - instead of leaving them to get lost in an open sandbox
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Build high value experiences with low lift

Use our storyboard builder to highlight the most impactful areas of your product in a short period of time.
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Share a streamlined version of your product

Make sure your reps don't have to improvise important demos. Since captures aren't your actual product, you don't have to worry about your demo breaking on you.
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Tell personalized product stories

Customize data, text, and images to make demos speak directly to your prospect or account.
"We wanted these demos to be guided experiences so that customers wouldn’t get lost, and could experience the most impactful areas of Coupa in a short period of time."
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"Our self-guided product tour helps us deliver a first-person view in record time. And we can create these tours in minutes, not weeks, from concept to live."
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"We were looking for a solution to help our sellers showcase the product in a streamlined and controlled environment that they can’t break."
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"The guided tours we created with Navattic are an effective “medium commitment” expression of interest – in between just reading something or watching a video (low commitment) and signing up for a personalized demo (high commitment)."
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Build demos that delight.

Unlock faster sales cycles and empower your go-to-market team to drive growth with your product.