What is Traackr?

Traackr is the system of record for data-driven influencer marketing, providing the intelligence and tools needed to run impactful influencer marketing programs. Our platform enables marketers to invest in the right strategies, streamline campaigns, and scale global programs.

What was the problem you were facing?

Our marketing and customer success teams needed a simplified version of our influencer marketing platform to give both prospects and customers a hands-on experience of our capabilities.

Why Navattic?

We ended up choosing Navattic for this interactive demo project because it’s easy to use, cost effective, and has solid capabilities for our marketing use cases.

How are you using Navattic product tours today?

We have several ungated Navattic walkthroughs on our website encouraging visitors to “take a tour” of Traackr’s capabilities. This inside look at the platform helps prospects understand how Traackr will help them solve their influencer marketing needs, and funnels interested prospects to our sales team.

Our customer success team also uses Navattic to support our online training academy. Navattic provides our customers with an engaging way to learn the different features and use cases of Traackr.

What are some results you have seen?

Overall it’s a better experience for us and our audience compared to video content because Navattic interactive demos are easier to create, update, and click through for end users.

Over the last few months we’ve had thousands of prospects visit our Navattic walkthroughs to experience product functionality firsthand. We have heard from prospects that these walkthroughs are engaging and a great preview of the product!