What is SwipedOn?

SwipedOn is a workplace sign in system used to automate visitor arrivals, track employee sign in and streamline resource bookings. Over 8,000 customers use SwipedOn to elevate those crucial first impressions while boosting workplace safety and security.

What was the problem you were facing?

I’m in a number of product-led growth forums and have seen Navattic demos on some other websites. We’ve always prioritized ease-of-use in developing SwipedOn and consistently get positive feedback on the UI, especially compared to our competitors.

Even so, we had been leaning on stylized elements like product videos or graphic visuals in our marketing efforts, rather than using our product itself.

Did you consider other interactive demo options?

It was clear that we should make our product more visible to prospects and Navattic was the most highly recommended tool I had seen around. As a startup looking for the lowest price when purchasing software, we also considered a tool called Storylane.

However, throughout the evaluation process, we felt more confident in the Navattic team’s sales approach and transparency, and decided that the partnership with Navattic was worth it.

Since becoming customers, we’ve confirmed that Navattic is super easy to use and robust in functionality. The many positive customer stories about Navattic also caught our attention during the evaluation and now we have had an excellent experience working with the success and support team ourselves.

What are some results you have seen since implementing Navattic?

Since adding our interactive demo to our marketing homepage 6 months ago, we have had thousands of website visitors engage with the experience.

On average, our demo visitors explore 25 steps of our demo (we have a Checklist that presents 3 different product areas) and have a 34% likelihood of clicking a CTA during the demo experience. We were also impressed to see the average visitor spending about 9 minutes in the demo experience!

We’ve also had great feedback from our sales teams in terms of qualified leads. Leads from Navattic (we track attribution with UTMs) have an understanding of the product by the time they meet with sales and often want to discuss specific functionality.

We still use videos and our previous stylized elements for product marketing, but have found that demos are much better for qualifying leads at the top of the funnel. By providing an in-depth demo that covers three different product areas, we’re able to educate prospects and help filter out poor-fit use cases. Prospects who book a sales demo after the product tour are often higher-intent and speed through the sales process.

What are some other ways you currently use Navattic?

Beyond marketing and sales, we also use demos in email onboarding sequences to save our customer success teams some time. We’d love to introduce a demo center in the future as well - we’ve seen some encouraging customer examples and stories about this.

Why is Navattic a great solution startups?

Navattic is really very easy to use and priced appropriately.

In a week, we could showcase our product in a way that our product, marketing, and design teams were all proud of.

The UI is completely painless and we love all the helpful blog and best practices content that’s available to us for free. I follow Navattic on LinkedIn and they’re always sharing data-driven content and recommendations for improving our demo results.