What is Qualio?

Qualio is an electronic quality management system (eQMS) designed for growing life science companies. Over 650 international Qualio customers use the software to simplify and accelerate their quality and regulatory activity, from building process documents to training employees, onboarding suppliers and closing out continuous improvement tasks.

Qualio is rated as the easiest to set up and easiest to use of all eQMS providers reviewed on G2. Customers report 90+% reductions in quality admin and dramatically improved time to market.

What was the problem you were facing?

We wanted to give people more visibility into the product and didn't have a trial that prospects could utilize before having a conversation with sales. We used a pre-recorded demo webinar that prospects could watch and ask questions throughout, but prospects wanted to explore at their own pace.

Allowing prospects to get hands on with our product without requiring engineering efforts is exactly what Navattic offered.

Did you consider other interactive demo options?

When choosing software, we consider the product capabilities, price, and support that we get. We also evaluated Reprise but it had things that weren’t necessary for us at that time.

We felt supported by the Navattic team throughout the sales process and liked the idea of using a software we could evolve with. Over time, it’s become clear that Navattic prioritizes customer feedback and cares about our outcomes.

What are some results you have seen since implementing Navattic?

Our demand gen team conducts a reverse customer journey analysis with every deal we close. I’ll go back and look at all the marketing touches the deal has had.

Since deploying our demo, about 25% of all closed deals interact with our product tour at some point.

We can also see in Navattic that our average visitor views 30 steps of the tour over 3+ minutes, and has a 20% likelihood of clicking our “Book a demo” CTA during the demo. It’s unquestionable that it’s working for our top-of-funnel audience.

Demos are an integral part of our sales and marketing ecosystem that have significantly reduced a visitor’s time to value. Busy people can get whatever they need, quickly and conveniently, to help make a purchasing decision.

What are some other ways you currently use Navattic?

We’ve also been excited to use demos at in-person events, putting laptops in our conference booths that people can interact with. We’re also focused on using demos in product marketing efforts and customer enablement, to keep up with our product launch velocity and to make sure we’re promoting things effectively. Lastly, our sales team spends lots of time demo-ing Qualio throughout the sales process. We’re planning to create leave-behind demos for the sales team to use.