What is FORM?

FORM is a mobile digital assistant for frontline teams. FORM’s field execution platform guides daily tasks, speeds data collection, boosts communication, and gives leaders real-time intelligence to drive the right action, everywhere. The platform provides flexible design and advanced features that can be used to streamline any data collection processes, at the office or in the field, that use forms to capture data - online or offline.

What was the problem you were facing?

Product-led brands have changed how consumers want to research, test, and select software. We know that when buyers can see and experience our product, the value of the problems it solves ‘clicks.’ Based on our enterprise go to market strategy and packages for large teams, we don’t offer freemiums and our trials are designed for groups vs individual users, so we wanted to find a way to get buyers into our product quickly to experience how it can help them. This helps them in their research and evaluation and builds a comprehensive understanding of the product before they talk with sales, so that they can have an informed conversation during their live demos.

How are you using Navattic product tours today?

We have Navattic tours created for each of our products and capabilities. We use tours as content offers on pay-per click (PPC) landing pages (i.e., Take a Tour or Request a Demo)—offering a strong CTA for buyers earlier in their selection process who may not be ready to “Request a Demo.” The tours are also gated on our website as a lead generation driver.

We also have developed account based marketing (ABM) product tours customized for target accounts which we promote in outbound ads and sales outreach. Another popular way we’ve used product tours is for a variety of training use cases for internal teams around new processes, and externally for things like large trials or new feature adoption.

With Navattic, we are able to create hands-on walkthroughs of our product for customers, prospects, and internal team members. Navattic tours add a layer of interactivity to our content that helps users quickly understand the value of our product.

What are some results you have seen?

Since launching our Navattic product tours on PPC landing pages, we have seen a 33% increase in conversion to drive prospects into our sales funnel. Additionally, Navattic product tours and the “take a tour” call to action (CTA) have helped decrease our cost per lead in ABM campaigns by nearly 50% when compared to campaigns running with the “request a demo” CTA .