3 Ways to Use Navattic Embed Events with Event Platforms

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Want to know how many free trial users engage with your interactive demo?

Want to A/B test to see which parts of your demo are most engaging?

Wish you knew which demos lead to the most conversions?

We recently rolled out a new event embedding feature to help you answer all of those questions.

Keep reading to find out what our embed events feature does and how to use it to gain insight into user behavior, improve funnel effectiveness, and retarget the most engaged prospects.

What Is an Embed Event?

If you’ve ever filled out a demo request form or watched a product video, you’ve interacted with embedded content. And chances are, the marketers behind that content are tracking your actions (clicks, form fills, etc.) in the form of “events.”

Collecting event data gives them a better sense of what you find most appealing on your website. Embedding interactive demos can greatly enrich the embed data you capture, cluing you into popular features and messaging that encourages conversion.

And Navattic’s universal event integration allows you to send demo events to any third-party service, such as Amplitude, PostHog, or Mixpanel, for further analysis.

Ready to set up embed events? Read our step-by-step guide to implementation.

3 Ways to Use Embed Events

Getting started with Navattic’s embed events is as easy as copying and pasting snippets of code into your website. The hard part is figuring out how to use it.

To give you a head start, we’re sharing three unique ways to leverage Navattic’s event embed feature and how to implement them across your tech stack.

1. Send to GA4 to analyze how an interactive demo affects your website funnel

GA4 treats interactive demo events like any other website events, like a page load or click.

So why not use GA to pick up interactive demo activity? Navattic’s native integration with GA4 can help you answer questions like:

  • How many users or sessions engage with each Navattic demo?
  • Where do users engage most with Navattic demos in a typical website flow?
  • Which Navattic projects lead to the most conversions?

Setting your interactive demo as a conversion goal will also allow you to see what pages or channels bring the most traffic to your demo. Sending that data to Google Ads will also enable you to retarget off of that goal.

Embed Events Google Analytics Dash

If you’ve left your demo ungated, you might also consider connecting GA4 to a data enrichment product like Clearbit or 6Sense to see which companies are engaging with your demo.

These warm leads might be more receptive to sales folks reaching out to schedule a live walkthrough — they’ve already seen some of what your product can do.

2. A/B test demos and send data to a personalization platform like Mutiny to retarget demo visitors

A simple way to gauge interactive demo effectiveness is to A/B test them against website videos.

Trainual, a knowledge transfer and training platform, did just that, pitting a Navattic tour against an existing product video on their home page. They let their test run for a few weeks, then compared how many free trial signups each brought in.

When the interactive demo was displayed, the Trainual team saw a +450% lift in free trial signups and a +100% lift in users reaching activated trial status seven days after signup. Interactive demos primed users for the free trial, showing off relevant features and getting prospects excited to get their hands on the real product.

A/B testing multiple variations of your demos can help you hone in on the modules or features your audience cares about most.

You can use Mutiny and Navattic together for more than just A/B testing. You can also personalize your website based on how far users get or retarget the highest-intent interactive demo users with new CTAs or offers.

Navattic’s Mutiny integration pulls in interactive demo events and lets you dictate what actions count as conversions. Some examples might be:

  • Starting a demo
  • Completing a demo
  • Navigating to a CTA from the demo

These conversion events can serve as attributes for custom segments you can drop into customized Inbound Experiences.

For example, maybe you create a pop-up that routes all high-intent leads (users who complete an interactive demo) to top AEs. In Mutiny, you’ll see how many website visitors fall into this segment and how many additional leads the pop-up brought in.

If you already have experiments running in Mutiny, try setting one or more Navattic events as your conversion goals. A/B testing various demo setups will help you determine which version gets higher engagement, completion, or conversion rates.

But that’s not all Mutiny can help with. Michael Shearer, a Navattic demo building consultant, suggests:

“Add a CTA that drives users to another demo after they've completed a specific one.

If the user completed that demo already, you could replace the CTA button that originally sent them to the demo with a ‘Book a Meeting’ variant instead.”

3. Send to an event analytics platform like Mixpanel to see how the demo changes in app behavior

Users that go through an interactive demo before signing up for a free trial tend to be more activated. And it makes sense — they’ve already gotten a taste of the product, understand its value, and are eager to use it.

Trainual is a great case in point. Swapping out a product tour video with an interactive demo resulted in a tremendous lift in the number of users reaching activation and, even more impressively, a 175% increase in conversion.

With events analytics platforms like Mixpanel or Amplitude, you can track engagement and activation metrics for every user in real-time throughout the entire funnel. Here’s an example of a direct integration with Mixpanel:

Once integrated, Navattic embed events show up as specific event types under Mixpanel events. With these variables in place, you can create custom event reports to identify user behavior before, during, and after going through an interactive demo and monitor downstream engagement and conversion.

Embed Events Mixpanel

This screenshot shows a funnel report that follows users who started a demo, engaged with a demo (made it past step 1), then viewed a free trial page.

Knowing where people start to drop off can reveal what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t, helping you design a stickier funnel.

You can also use Navattic’s native Mixpanel integration to pinpoint highly engaged users — the ones who engaged with your interactive demo.

With Navattic events as filter criteria, you can see any user’s website, interactive demo activity, and overall engagement over time (click the “View in Insights” button). Picking up on patterns among these engaged users can inspire modifications to your funnel.

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