6 Quick Creative Ways to use Interactive Demos

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Interactive demos are incredibly versatile. We’ve already explained how you can use them:

But there are six other ways our customers have been repurposing interactive demos to make their product more visible and accessible.

The best part? You can implement them today.

6 Quick Creative Ways Customers use Navattic

Below, we’ll review six ways B2B SaaS marketers can make the most of their interactive demos.

Way #1: Link to it in your LinkedIn job description

One of the first things people do when they hear your name or meet you at an event is search for your profile on LinkedIn.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if they could see exactly what your product does when they search for you?

That’s why I include a link to the Navattic interactive demo in my LinkedIn job description.

Natalie LinkedIn Navattic bio

Whenever someone lands on my profile, their eyes are drawn to the Navattic demo. And in a few clicks, they can understand how the product works.

How to do it:

  1. Go to your profile and scroll down to the Experience section.
  2. Click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner and again next to your latest role.
  3. Scroll down to “Media,” click “Add media,” and choose “Add a link”.
  4. Paste in the interactive demo link.

Way #2: Put it in your email signature

Most people — especially BDRs — already link to a company video or a calendar scheduler in their email signature.

Why not add one more line with a link to your interactive demo?
Often prospects just want to get an idea of what your product is and what it can do before hopping on a call, and interactive demos serve that purpose.

Our Head of Sales at Navattic, Ben Pearson, adds a link to the Navattic product tour directly under his calendar:

Ben email signature with interactive demo

How to do it:

  1. Open your Gmail settings (or your email provider's settings).
  2. Scroll down to the signature settings.
  3. Add a CTA to “Take a tour” or “Explore our product” linking to your interactive demo.

Way #3: Add it to G2 or TrustRadius

Prospects go to review sites to evaluate your software.

Embedding an interactive tour on your profile can show them exactly what they would be signing up for. And they get far more engagement than traditional screenshots or videos.

Buyers are twice (2x) as likely to click on an interactive demo.

Demandbase, an account intelligence platform, uses an interactive demo on its G2 page to demonstrate how users can see account engagement metrics trend over time. They can toggle between heatmaps and line graphs and even break out these KPIs by new and returning page views.

Demandbase G2 interactive demo

Prospective buyers can continue to learn how Demandbase can be used to prioritize accounts for outreach and tailor emails based on intel like trending keywords.

How to do it:

For a full walkthrough, see our How to add Interactive Demos to G2 and TrustRadius post.

Way #4: Use it as a follow-up post-webinar

We’ve all received dry webinar follow-up emails.

We rarely click on them, let alone watch the recordings or read accompanying one-pagers.

But what if you got a link to an interactive demo that showed you how to apply the learnings of the webinar? That would be far more engaging and effective, right?

Interactive demos pique people’s interest and allow them to dive into a new feature or the benefits of integrating your tool with others in their tech stack.

Commitment-phobic prospects aren’t asked to book a demo and are given the flexibility to explore your product on their own time.

How to do it:

The quickest way to implement this strategy is to add an interactive demo as a CTA in your live webinar and in post-event emails.

In our Customer Interview Series, Ryan Moline, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bombora, mentioned that he frequently uses interactive demos as post-webinar CTAs:

“We often use these demos in joint sales cycle emails and cater to mutual prospects in joint sales calls.”

He adds, “We’ve also coupled the demo with a webinar called 7 Ways to Optimize Your Budget With Intent data, and used the interactive demo as a call to action. That way, potential customers and existing customers get something tangible to work with post-event.”

Way #5: Embed it in an existing blog post

If you’re like most marketers, you watch your SEO rankings like a hawk. And you already know which posts are ranking well.

What if you could help increase their conversion as well?

Interactive demos can act as a fantastic middle of the funnel CTA. Blog readers may not be ready to sign up for a free trial or a demo just yet, but interactive demos are a good way to get them more aware of your product and its value.

How to do it:

Simply find spots to add interactive demos to your best blogs and embed or link out to them.

In another episode of our Customer Interview Series, Craig LeBlanc, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Repsly, is taking a very methodical approach to inserting interactive demos in his blogs:

“We’re starting to get creative with our use cases for Navattic, dropping a tour inside of a case study or adding them to our top five blog posts.

We’ve got some very well-performing blog posts. But contact forms or some other downloadable asset may not be the best way to convert readers.”

For more blog post inspiration, see our post on SEO best practices for interactive demos.

Way #6: Add it to a chatbot

Chatbots can help you direct prospects to the right content. Interactive demos are an ideal way to let them try the product themselves to better understand whether the product fits their specific requirements.

How to do it:

Add an interactive demo to your predefined solutions.

Egynte chatbot with interactive demo

Egnyte, a cloud-based file-sharing solution, added “Take a product tour” directly after its “Chat with a solution specialist” option to motivate prospective customers to try before they buy.

If you haven’t already, check out our existing posts for tips on adding interactive demos to your website, ads, SEO-focused blog posts, and partnership enablement.

And while you’re at it, gain some ideas for:


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