Navattic Raises $4.25M to Build the Future of Product-Led Growth

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Over the past year, we’ve seen product-led growth take center stage. Companies of all shapes and sizes are searching for the best way to accommodate increasing expectations to ‘try before you buy’ and see the product earlier in the sales motion.

To that end, we’ve been fortunate to see the tremendous adoption of interactive product demos across sales and marketing teams. Teams like Citrix, Ramp, Informatica and Fivetran use interactive demos across the funnel - from first touch in outbound cadences, to interactive product tours and post-demo leave behinds.

We’ve learned extensively from our customers last year and have seen first-hand how deploying interactive demos across the funnel is a massive competitive advantage. Given the range of deep pain points customers have around product demos, it’s clear that the opportunity in the space is vast.

When thinking through our priorities for this fundraising round, we prioritized raising the right amount to achieve our goals and aligning with investors who put the team first.

With this context, I’m excited to share that we at Navattic raised a $4.25M growth seed round. Canvas Ventures led the financing, with participation from 645 Ventures.

One of our core company objectives is to make Navattic the best place to be a customer. This funding enables us to double down on this core belief by investing further in product-development and customer success.

At Navattic, we are just getting started. We are in the early innings of this category and we’re excited to keep learning from our customers as we build upon our industry-leading demo platform. Stay tuned!

-Neil, Chris & Randy

Co-Founders, Navattic

P.S. We’re hiring


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