Introducing Directory Sync: Streamlined User Provisioning

Introducing Directory Sync: Streamlined User Provisioning

Managing employee access to software tools can be a time-consuming, error-prone process.

We’re excited to share that as of today, customers on the Growth plan can connect their directory provider with Navattic to automatically add, update, and remove workspace members.

What does Directory Sync do for you?

  1. Centralized User Provisioning: Admins can now easily add and remove users from your directory provider through a unified User Lifecycle Management (ULM) process. Your directory provider will be the source of truth for user and group lists, and Directory Sync will keep everything up-to-date in Navattic
  2. Automatic Updates: No more duplicate manual data entry. Directory Sync takes care of:
    • Provisioning new users
    • Updating user attributes such as name and email
    • Deprovisioning users from your workspace

Workspace Management

Without Directory Sync:

  • Manually manage user data in both your workspace and directory provider (Duplicate data entry for employee attributes)
  • Admins need to manually invite new users to the Navattic workspace
  • Newly invited users are required to go through a sign-up flow
  • Time-consuming back-and-forth with employees during registration
  • Ongoing manual updates for user data and access

With Directory Sync:

  • Add employees to your directory provider
  • Directory Sync handles the rest, keeping everything in sync between the provider and your workspace