What is Visier?

Visier is a leader in the people analytics space providing on-demand answers for people-powered businesses. Designed by people data and HR experts, Visier’s cloud-based people analytics solutions help reveal the impact businesses have on their employees, and the impact employees have on the business.

What was the problem you were facing?

In enterprise software, we sell to companies that are very large and typically buy software that is not very visible to the public. We pride ourselves on a visual and intuitive user experience – especially compared to alternatives that customers might have or compared to our competitors – and wanted to showcase that early to prospective customers.

Our field (people analytics) is also an emerging discipline. When designing our website, it was important for us to have a way to “make real” some of the claims that we feature. We talk a lot about what you can achieve with Visier and why you should use our solutions, and wanted to back those claims up with the how. Navattic shows prospects how our software works, which is such a rare thing within enterprise software.

Why interactive demos?

We’ve all seen the research showing that buyers are relying less on salespeople. They’ll typically only reach out when they're pretty close to making a purchasing decision. That’s why it’s so important to offer a rich self-serve experience. We found the guided tours we create with Navattic to be an effective “medium commitment” expression of interest –  in between just reading something or watching a video (low commitment) and signing up for a personalized demo (high commitment).

We especially like a tour’s ability to engage a wide array of visitors: we can use this to educate casual window shoppers and to make a lasting impression that keeps Visier in the back of their minds until they’re ready to buy, or to help serious buyers evaluate in detail the aspects that make Visier stand out from our competitors.

What are some results you have seen?

“Get a demo” is our biggest signal of buying intent and primary CTA throughout the website. However, our “Self-Guided Tour” option has become a close second in terms of engagement.

Navattic has also inspired several use cases internally, which has been really positive. For example, the sales enablement team has seen what we’re offering to the public and they’ve asked us to figure out how to help them optimize guided tours for their team and their use case (sales-led presentations and outreach). The Navattic team’s support and training offerings have also helped us pursue these additional use cases with minimal friction.

What are some other ways you plan to use Navattic?

New use cases for interactive demos are coming out of the woodwork. Just recently, our recruiters shared how Navattic tours have become a way for potential candidates to learn about Visier, especially when applying for technical or developer roles.