What is Spot Ai?

Spot AI builds easy-to-use camera systems that enable every business to get the visual context they need to make faster, smarter decisions. A modern AI camera system to create safer workplaces and smarter operations for every business.

What was the problem you were facing?

Our main goal was to boost conversions by providing a hands-on product experience with a lower barrier to entry than a trial. We found that trials are a major driver for conversion as they help prospects get hands-on and visualize the product. But with that said, our trials require users to have physical hardware, so the barrier to entry for a trial can be quite high. Therefore, we were seeking a low-touch way to offer users a similar hands-on product experience to drive conversions with a lower barrier to entry.

Why Navattic?

First of all, Navattic was recommended by a trusted advisor of ours who had previously used the product at another organization. Next, Navattic has great customer service. When you have great customer service, there is no need to look elsewhere. The specific example that comes to mind was at the beginning of our tenure, where the Navattic team worked in partnership alongside us to help deploy our first embedded demo. That support was vital to our long-term success.

How are you using demos today?

On the Success side, demos are used as self-serve onboarding and training resources. The demos are presented alongside videos to provide additional options for content types. These self-serve training options have significantly reduced the need for our Success reps to train individual users on the platform on calls.

On the Marketing side, we have an interactive demo on our main marketing site and certain landing pages. Recently, we also saw success using interactive demos on a large video display board at a trade show, which provided a much more consistent demo experience for attendees. We were also able to tailor the demo to the specific trade show and only show features that those attendees would care about.

What are some results you have seen?

On the Marketing side, in the last five months, we’ve generated over $150,000 in new pipeline from visitors who go through the interactive demo on the website. We justify our experiments based on the pipeline multiples and Navattic has already proven clear ROI based on the quantity of inbound interest generated.

On the success side, over 100 users have been onboarded via Navattic product tours. Each one of those users otherwise would have required a call with our Success team, but instead was able to self-serve using these resources. This has freed up hundreds of support hours for our Success team.

From an engineering standpoint, it was awesome to be able to spin up no-code demos without needing to loop in our engineering team. If we were to have built out these demos on our own, while ensuring security and product stability, it would have taken at least 150 hours of engineering capacity and potentially wasn’t even feasible, technically speaking. So Navattic demos are the only way prospects can get hands-on experience with the product without getting physical hardware.