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Santa Clara, 2016

What is ShiftLeft

ShiftLeft is a code security platform that automates security workflows and delivers the right vulnerabilities to the right developers at the right time.

What was the problem you were facing?

We were looking for a way to showcase additional value from our website to help prospective buyers better understand our offering without any friction. We were looking for a solution that could help prospects visualize and understand the value our solution provides before ever connecting to their own codebase.

Why Navattic?

In our full funnel customer acquisition analysis, we noticed that prospects were looking for additional “in product” context to help better understand our solution early in the decision making process. The video content that we had deployed was not supporting this gap in our funnel, so we instead decided to explore solutions to deploy a guided product tour. After finding Navattic, we realized that the no-code solution would save us months of engineering time and support a rapid deployment on the site.

What are some results you have seen?

We are using Navattic to support with improved value perception from our website via an easy access product tour along with targeted feature tours that we share to highlight specific product components.

After deploying our Navattic guided tours on the site, we are seeing a strong improvement in self-service sign ups from users that first engage with our interactive product tour to better understand the value we provide before creating an account.

Having a tool like Navattic allows us to be nimble and create immersive and comprehensive product experience very quickly without the traditional engineering lift and time requirements.

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