About CaptivateIQ

CaptivateIQ, the agile commission solution, enables companies to consistently align revenue teams with evolving business goals. Combining flexibility with ease of use, CaptivateIQ offers companies the ability to build any commission plan, save time in payout processing, and motivate sales reps through real-time visibility.

What was the problem you were facing?

Product led growth is an emerging topic right now and a lot of legacy solutions in our space have a complex look and feel. Knowing that an intuitive product interface is one of our strengths, we wanted to share this with prospects earlier in the process. Especially if a prospect is currently using spreadsheets or a legacy solution, seeing CaptivateIQ in action for the first time can be very exciting. Since the first engagement with our sales team occurs pretty far down-funnel, we decided to find a way to lead with our product up the funnel on our website.

Why interactive demos?

From a demand gen standpoint, videos are as top of funnel as we get while more detailed guides require some background knowledge about our product. We found Navattic to be an effective way to communicate CaptivateIQ’s value, while also providing enough detail to help potential customers understand whether or not they would be a good fit, all without needing sales resources. This initial pulse check has helped us find better-fit customers and to set the right expectations, all leading to a positive Sales and customer experience down the road.

What are some results you have seen?

For some time we’d had a Contact Us form on our website as an alternative to our Request Demo CTA, but hadn’t seen much traction. We wanted to provide a “value add” alternative for leads as well that weren’t necessarily ready to speak with our team. We had a product video at first but replaced this with a demo as we thought the click-through component of Navattic would provide a more engaging experience for first-time users. Since switching to interactive demo, we have seen a significant portion of our leads and opportunities be attributed to initially taking this tour.

Additionally, our Navattic tour has a higher conversion rate than any other referrer to our “request a demo” page, nearly 40%.

What are some other ways you plan to use Navattic?

Since Navattic has been so easy to learn, we have not held back from sharing the tool with other teams in our organization. For the sales team, demos have become an important asset for engaging new stakeholders - clicking through an interactive demo is much more engaging than watching a lengthy call recording or reading written documentation. Our sales enablement team is also interested in using demos as a training tool to help prepare AEs for leading with product value in demo conversations. We are also looking at putting this in a customer onboarding flow to demonstrate how to use key parts of our product.  All to say, we find the different use cases very compelling and are excited to explore!