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The Essential Guide to Sales Demo Software

Neil McleanMarch 15, 2021

What is Sales Demo Software?

Sales demo software is a suite of tools that helps teams deliver better software demos. Despite the name, it’s not just live demo software, but rather a suite of tools that encircles the entire process - from discovery, to the demo environment and the live demonstration. Remote selling is here to stay and after researching the space, we’ve compiled a detailed list of sales demo tools.

We’ve personally used many of the tools below and can attest to their use.

Discovery Demo Software

Conducting effective discovery is critical to delivering a great software demo. As many are adept to point out, a SaaS demo isn’t a demo at all! Rather, it sets the foundation for what your prospect is interested in, what pains they have and what they’re looking for in a software solution. Related to this, discovery is essential to creating the framework for your demo.

Software Demo Discovery Tools

  • Lucidchart - Create powerful visuals to diagram current processes. Especially in enterprise, this is helpfull to create a "current state" diagram. A powerful sales motion is to contrast the current state and future state in the opening part of the sales demo.
  • Visio - A Microsoft staple, visio is another powerful diagramming tool. There's also pre-built templates to create diagrams in minutes, out of the box.
  • Snippets in Hubspot - Ensure you cover the basics with the prospect so you can deliver the right solution in the demo. It’s important to note that these templates aren’t a questionnaire to be read to the prospects, but rather guideposts for a conversation. The best discovery conversation stray away from these templates.

Hubspot Snippet

Demo Environment Software

Especially in a remote selling environment, there are many tools that can help you deliver a home-run demo. Let’s start with the demo data. Establishing the right data is essential to crafting a great demo. A data-rich, personalized environment is desireable yet often times this requires some setup from the team. Below are some ways tools can help with this:

Create a Perfect Demo Environment

  • Mockaroo - Seamlessly generate data to populate your demo environment. It has a great UI and has the capacity to generate 1,000 rows at no cost.\
  • GenerateData - Another great data generation tool. Complete with a wide variety of export types (csv, json, excel, etc) and country-specific generation options.
  • Reskin - Personalize your demo environment in minutes using a no-code editor. It overlays onto the demo environment so you can use your live environment.

Live Demo Software

Clearly showcasing your product remotely can be tricky, but thankfully there are a suite of tools that can help.

Demo Software Tools

  • Limelite - Turn your cursor into an engaging spotlight with a simple hotkey
Limelite in action

  • Mouseposé - Highlight your mouse pointer during demos so viewers have a clear understanding of what you're showing
  • DemoDesk - Enter a meeting room where both you and your prospect can engage collaboratively. This can help turn a one-sided demo into an engaging conversation.

These tools are a great way to enhance the demo experience.

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