How to Craft a SaaS Demo Follow-up Email That Converts

Neil Mclean
September 05, 2021


Crafting a SaaS demo follow-up email is easy; crafting one that converts isn’t.

In this piece, we’ll outline best practices for building a demo follow-up that empowers prospects with the information they need and helps vendors align on best next steps forward.

Why are demo follow-ups important?

A demo follow-up is vital for a few reasons. First off, it’s a prime opportunity to continue momentum after prospects have had the opportunity to see the product in action and ask questions about it’s functionality.

In B2B buying, sales are won through enabling a buyer to champion a product internally and secure buy-in. You may have had a great demo call, but the follow-up is critical to ensure the champion has the information and next steps to complete the evaluation.

Broadly, a demo follow up should include the following:

  • A recap of the conversation
  • Understand main points of value
  • Aligning on clear next steps.

Before we dive into the specifics of the email content, we’d be remiss to mention timing. Sending a follow up immediately after the call is critical as it allows prospects to immediately act on the next steps outlined.

It follows then that the question for SaaS marketing teams is: what does a high-converting email look like?

What are the steps to building a killer demo follow-up email?

Let’s explore some critical components to building killer demo follow-ups.

Recap top priorities

It’s always best to clearly remind prospects about what they’re aiming to achieve with the product. How did your solution address those key priorities? What is the value associated with solving them?

Bullet points are often optimal for this, though there are many ways to successfully incorporate these priorities.

Clear next steps

Along those lines, another technique is to call out clear next steps. Do they need to circle back with their team? Are they interested in starting a quick 14-day trial?

Ensure to specifically call out the next steps in the evaluation process and the associated timeline to provide clarity on both the vendor and buyer side.

Champion enablement

The most successful sales follow-up emails allow prospects to be a champion for the product within their own organization.

Throughout the demo call, track the associated asks for collateral. Would they like additional security or technical documentation? More information on the product? A case study?

Share collateral with them personalized to their needs - it can be anything from a documentation to an interactive demo from Navattic!

SaaS demo follow up email template

Here is a quick sales follow-up email sample to provide additional context:

Subject: {Company} | Follow up

Hi, [prospect’s name]!

Thanks for taking the time to connect today. It was great to learn more about your XYZ initiatives. As a quick recap, here are the main takeaways from our discussion today.

{Company product} will help:

  • Value Prop #1
  • Value Prop #2
  • Value Prop #3


  • Technical Documentation
  • Case Study
  • Product Overview

Once you circle back with the team on Friday this week, I look forward to hearing from you so we can align on the best next steps.

Thank you!

[your name and contact information]

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