Customer Interview Series: Demo Library with Tara Quehl

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See how Tara Quehl, Product Marketing Director at Demandbase, uses Navattic as the foundation for her interactive demo library.

Share a unique way you use interactive demos in your marketing strategy

We ended up creating a demo library that served as a learning environment for our prospects and customers.

The idea was that they could see different features, understand different stories, different verticals, and how Demandbase tools could help them get through their everyday lives as marketing and sales folks.

This library came out right after our rebrand as part of the effort to dispel the myths that our platform was confusing and overwhelming. The tour library makes it easy for customers and prospects to understand what we do.

Why did you set up the demo this way?

We structured our library around specific use cases in a hierarchical way: build, engage, find, and close. Demandbase users are either building a target account list, engaging accounts, finding or expanding their ICP, and closing deals.

Then, we broke it down by product. We have our ABX platform, advertising, data, and sales. This makes it easy for customers or prospects to decide what they want to look at.

Check out the Demandbase demo library.

Maybe it’s the baseline experience, or maybe it’s an advertising-specific use case. Or perhaps the prospect is a seller and wants to see what the Demandbase Salesforce iframe looks like and would pick the sales intelligence one.

Who was in charge of building the tours?

Product markteting was in charge of drafting and creating the outline of the tours. When building our demos, we leaned heavily on our SEs.

We had some input from our advertising and sales counterparts as well just to make sure everyone felt good about the stories we were telling and that what we were trying to get across made sense.

Do you have any recommendations for someone just starting with Navattic?

First, I’d say look at your product roadmap. What is the vision? What’s happening in the market right now?

Ask for feedback from other teams across the organization who get exposure to prospects and customers. They have insights that you may not.

Ideally, you would incorporate all this data into valuable tours that showcase how your product supports every ICP use case.

To make sure I get all the hard points in there, I often create an outline first. Without a story or framework, it’s harder to nail it in the platform. It also helps you figure out what screen grabs you need and how the content is going to look.

When I’m done building a demo, I pass it off to sales and SE teams for extra feedback.

Lastly, I’d also encourage you to utilize your Navattic CSM. They are super helpful and really supportive.

What are some new use cases you’ve come up with for Navattic?

The engagement we’ve gotten from the demo library has made Navattic a core part of our GTM strategy, and we’re continuing to use it in new ways.

For example, EMEA is very much on our radar, so we are working on tours related to how Demandbase complies with GDPR and other privacy and security regulations.

Another way we’re using tours is on our integrations page. We have it on the Salesforce AppExchange. We leverage our SDRs to send out tours too, which I think is a really great way to get prospects warmed up to our services and help them understand a day in the life using Demandbase.

In addition, we’re planning to leverage Navattic more for our upcoming product releases to get the word out into the market. Right now, I’m preparing to launch tours for asset management, insurance, and FinTech.

Any quantitative or qualitative results you can share?

I recently stood up a nurture campaign for people in aware and qualified stages to get them more educated about our products, what we have to offer, and how we can help them in the market.

I saw a huge spike the first week I launched it, which was super exciting. I've also had a few inbounds. And for anyone who is in enterprise and financial services, that is very exciting. The email is still alive and running, so I’m pumped about that.


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