Navattic vs Storylane

Delight your buyers.

Build better demos.

Tools like Storylane are great for small teams building basic interactive demos. See why customers choose Navattic for polished and realistic demos that excite buyers and get them to convert.
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All you need to build
high-performing interactive demos
in a matter of clicks

Why customers choose Navattic

Ease of Use
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop storyboard builder to easily build and update demos
  • No code Chrome extension that captures your app out-of-the-box so you don’t have to default to screenshots
Ease of Maintenance
  • Find and replace, version controls, and team permission to keep demos safe
  • Editing to mass update messy or out-of-date product data or UI
Demand Generation Capabilities
  • Mobile first demos to ensure your demo converts on web and mobile
  • Account denonymization to reveal target accounts interacting with your demos, without needing a form
Multi-team Functionality
  • Organize multiple department (sales, marketing, growth) demos with teams and boards
  • Custom roles and permissions so live demos don’t accidentally get edited
  • Strategic demo building-advice and technical support
  • Custom demo reviews, coaching, and data-driven best practices
  • Tracking scripts and embed events to send demo data to any event-based platform
  • Integrations with major CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot) for leads/ contacts or accounts
Features our customers love

Account-based engagement

Turn anonymous visitors into target accounts enriched with firmographic data.

Offline demos

Download demos to use them offline at conferences and tradeshows.

Multilingual demos

Translate your demos into multiple languages in one-click.

Demo versioning

Save and restore previous versions of your interactive demos.

Mobile swipe demos

Engaging swipe-based experience for interactive demos on mobile devices.

Collaboration features

Boards, teams, tagging, owners, and commenting to collaborate with your team as you build demos.

Skip simple demos
build demos that convert
based on our first-party data

60% enagement rate. A demo buyers actually want to try.
2.5x higher conversions than videos. Generate more leads from the same traffic.
3-10x higher click through rates. Highest CTR compared to other B2B marketing channels.
Navattic demos drive up to 32% conversion rate.
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Increase in CTA clicks
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Lift in free trial sign-ups
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Conversion to free trial
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2-3 week
Accelerated deal cycle

We've helped over 800+ businesses build demos that win.

See how the fastest growing companies use Navattic to create pipeline and revenue.
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Build demos that delight.