Special Offer for the Product Marketing Community

We love the product marketing community. Navattic was born to help marketing teams become product-led, without involving engineering. We've received a tremendous amount of support from the community over the last few months. To give back, we're happy to provide a unique offer to members of the community.

Interactive Demo Build

We'll take an existing video demo or recording and convert it to an interactive demo in Navattic at no-cost to you. Submit the form to get started.

The Process

  1. Submit information through form to schedule a meeting
  2. Brief meeting with Navattic team to review demo requirements
  3. Navattic team builds demo
  4. Built demo is added to your Navattic account

  • Demo link is always available, with or without a subscription
  • 14-day free access to Navattic platform to build & edit interactive demos

Don't have a trial? Connect with the team at demo@navattic.com to discuss alternative options.

Free Demo Build