I am a seasoned B2B product marketing professional with a background in healthcare software, legal tech, and most recently, user research. I believe that users are the focus of everything we do in B2B tech and every decision should be inspired by them.

I thrive in fast-paced start-up environments where I can have a big impact. Building product tours specifically for product releases, partnerships/integrations, customer enablement, and product-qualified lead generation helps me do that. I am a dog mom, coffee drinker, sun-lover, and recovering bus-lifer.

Interactive Demos Skills

  1. Building comprehensive Demo Centers/Hubs that represent key workflows to accelerate the sales cycle for key personas/ICP
  2. Customer enablement/product adoption demos
  3. Internal enablement/onboarding
  4. Product release/feature demos

Other Marketing Skills

⭐️ GTM strategy

⭐️ Product release strategy

⭐️ Sales enablement

⭐️ Competitive intel