What is Zapproved

Zapproved’s ZDiscovery platform is designed specifically for corporate legal teams to take control of ediscovery from the moment litigation is anticipated until the matter is resolved.

ZDiscovery platform creates a seamless way to add more control over data preservation, collection, and review projects to dramatically reduce spend on outside counsel.

What was the problem you were facing?

Our product is easy to use and understand but we were challenged to get our solution in front of prospects. Given that our solution requires uploading and managing sensitive data, we were not able to launch a trial motion. We were looking for a way to showcase how easy to use our platform is as a differentiator in the market which got us looking at product tour solutions.

Why Navattic?

We are using product tours powered by Navattic in marketing nurture campaigns, SDR sequences, and re-targeting paid LinkedIn ads. These tours help to strengthen our narrative to showcase ease of use for our solution.

It has been very easy to build additional tours using the Navattic platform to showcase new features and modules in our product and get other teams engaged across our organization.

What are some results you have seen?

We have launched a highly successful outbound campaign to engage prospects who visited our product tour but did not set up time with our sales team. We have also seen strong results from cross-selling and up-selling existing customers after delivering targeted product tours.

We have seen clear ROI since launching our Navattic product tour resulting in over $100,000 in generated pipeline with new prospects that engage with our guided product tour experience.