What is Taplytics?

Taplytics brings together digital customer journey design, optimization, and messaging in a single platform to help you deliver unique cross-channel experiences at scale.

What was the problem you were facing?

Experimentation and feature flags tools like ours can have all sorts of features and can be very complex for prospective buyers. We evaluated the use of a product-led solution and debated internally on the time and resources it would take to build this ourselves as well as the overall return and value. Our growth marketing team did not have unlimited development resources for this project which is why we decided to evaluate a product tour solution.

Why Navattic?

We found Navattic when looking for a product tour solution to launch our product-led motion. We used Navattic to test this channel while getting to market much faster than building this product tour internally.

“One thing is the product tour, I love that. That was one of the features that hooked me to try the actual software and I was able to go in and tinker with it - I was so excited. That was part of the reason why I schedule a call” - Taplytics customers

What are some results you have seen?

After setting up the plumbing, attributions, adding to our homepage navigation bar, and attaching as a site-link extension for our SEM, we found that 35% of the opportunities that have been through a discovery call and have been accepted by an AE have touched the product tour at least once. Out of those 35% that have touched the product tour at least once, 65% of those have converted.

If we think about the buyer’s journey today, buyers are more informed than ever before. Buyers are looking for a way to see value without the associated commitment of signing up for a trial account or dealing with sales people to set up a demo call. Our Navattic product tour acts like another touchpoint in the buyer’s journey but is really a catalyst for lead conversion down the funnel.