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San Francisco, 2018

What is Panther?

Panther is a modern SIEM platform that solves the challenges of security operations at scale. Panther aims to deliver the power to detect any breach, anywhere, for security teams everywhere.

What was the problem you were facing?

We were looking for a solution to give our prospective customers a preview of our product earlier in the evaluation process. We have blogs, virtual webinars, training videos, and technical documentation, but we did not have a way to showcase the product early and often.

Why Navattic?

We chose Navattic for three reasons. First, it was incredibly simple to get up and running. We received a trial instance, as soon as we asked for it, and were able to get our first interactive demos built in under 24 hours. Second, the simple business model made sense and matched our price point. Lastly, Navattic’s support was incredibly responsive and easy to work with throughout the trial process and has remained the same thereafter.

How are you using Navattic product tours today?

Navattic interactive demos have helped us accelerate our journey toward a product-led growth strategy at Panther. We use them on our website as a part of our lead generation motion to help prospects immediately experience use cases within the product.

Not only are we using these demos as a standalone asset for SEO and marketing, but our sales team has also been sending these to customers and prospects in our outbound prospecting and engagement flows.

What are some results you have seen?

We have seen an influx of qualified leads come directly from the product tour and our general traffic flow has increased. Additionally, with Navattic, we were able to deploy the product tour without a single engineering resource needed. This eliminated the need for months of dedicated development resources to build and launch this interactive experience. With Navattic, our team is more confident in our ability to easily share our product’s capabilities.

Navattic is a simple solution that solved a large problem for our organization. We were drawn to the fact that the product was easy to learn and needed zero engineering resources to create engaging demos.

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