What is PageUp?

PageUp is a powerful talent management platform with unique capabilities to transform hiring and engagement experiences for all. PageUp offers a full suite of modern tools to help businesses attract, engage, and retain high performing teams and deliver measurable results.

What was the problem you were facing?

Prior to launching our Navattic tours, we were having a hard time showcasing our product’s ease-of-use early during the sales cycle. We did not have a way to easily show product simplicity resulting in some prospect confusion. We were looking for a solution to give prospects a pre-demo experience before they met with our team to improve market education and build a more qualified lead pipeline for our sales team.

How are you using Navattic product tours today?

We were able to launch multiple product tours on our website in a matter of weeks to showcase different features and product lines. These tours give a tangible product overview that prospects can easily access without the friction of a typical sales-led demo process. Our website product tours provide an engaging and simple solution for top-of-funnel leads that otherwise may have not engaged with the product.

We are also using product tours built on Navattic for demand generation and nurture campaigns via our outbound marketing sequences.

What are some results you have seen?

We are using Navattic product tours as a teaser to get prospective buyers to experience our product functionality much earlier in the sales process. This is resulting in more informed and qualified buyers that have seen our solution in a self-service capacity before ever talking to our team. Since launching our product tour on our website just a few months ago, we are already seeing real results with 8% of all leads that engage with the tour converting to a closed deal.