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Service Industry


San Diego, 2020

What is monitorQA?

monitorQA is mobile inspection software to build checklists to conduct audits and also automate reporting and tracking of corrective actions. Their software is helping organizations monitor and raise awareness of the importance of health and safety operations in the workplace.

What was the problem you were facing?

Our software has a lot of power behind it but takes time to get up and get started. We found that prospects saw the benefits from our marketing website and were interested enough to start a free trial.

However there was an obstacle between starting the free trial, getting everything set up, and actually realizing the benefits our software provides. That setup process caused a lot of people to not go through and fully set up their account during the free trial, and therefore not realize the full value of our system.

Why Navattic?

We chose Navattic so that we could help people see the immediate value of our system and alleviate the pain in the setting up of the free trial. This helps our prospective buyers realize the benefits our software provides much quicker in the sales cycle.

What are some results you have seen?

Since implementing Navattic on our website, we have seen an increase in people ultimately setting up their free trials than we did before. This has caused the number of abandoned trial accounts to dramatically decrease so much to the point it’s no longer a pain point on our radar.

This has enabled our prospective buyers to become much more self-sufficient allowing us to expand the number of users that we can support and onboard to our platform.

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