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FinTech, Payments


Berlin, 2021

What is Friday Finance?

Friday Finance is an all-in-one financial management platform for European startups and SMBs. Our mission is to give people back the time and money spent in the past with dull mechanical tasks and let them focus on what truly matters - their businesses.

What was the problem you were facing?

We needed to communicate that Friday Finance is a holistic financial solution for companies. In our industry, it’s easy to show that you have a “cash flow platform" or a “payments platform”, but more challenging to show a whole suite of tools in an effective and visual way.

Why Navattic?

We evaluated multiple demo solutions and were impressed by Navattic’s customer examples - they were the most elegant demos we saw and the platform turned out to be easy to use. Navattic’s educational materials also supported a seamless adoption. I had no idea how to create an interactive demo when we first started, but we followed all of the best practices and tips around CTAs and saw results right away.

Another vendor even reached out to us after we started using Navattic, but by then we knew that Navattic had the best customer service and were not going to switch.

How are you using demos built on Navattic today?

For most website visitors who are just discovering our platform, the interactive demo is a frictionless way to get started. We feature the demo on our main website to encourage visitors to sign up, or to book a 1:1 demo with sales. We support both of these goals by including a form midway through the demo: After completing the first section, visitors can choose to either complete an email gate to “Continue Tour”, or to “Sign Up” and get started immediately.

What are some results you have seen?

Navattic was responsible for over 80% of the inbound leads we had last month!

From their experiences, our AEs have found Navattic leads to be higher-intent than other channels, which makes sense since they choose to complete the form after interacting with the platform, and are able to have more in-depth conversations early in the sales process.

The demo has also been effective at converting visitors to “sign up”, which is a great sign. This means the demo has explained the platform sufficiently for visitors who want to try our free product, which allows our sales team to focus on engaging prospects who want to discuss the paid product.

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