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San Francisco, 2018

What was the problem you were facing?

Early prospects weren’t able to understand what Autobound does by just clicking around on our site or watching a video, so we were having to spend a ton of time educating users on every call.

Additionally, we were struggling with onboarding users because new accounts require a setup process before the main functionality is available.

Why Navattic?

An interactive product tour built on Navattic saves us significant time on educating clients and investors on how Autobound works. We use Navattic to guide users through a reliable workflow so they can follow along side with their live accounts as they go.

We choose Navattic because we were able to get up in running within days to showcase immediate value to our prospective customers.

What are some results you have seen?

With a Navattic product tour on our site, users are 3x more likely to make it through our onboarding setup process than before. Prospects are much more likely to take a meeting after going through the self guided demo because they get a first hand look at how the system works.

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