What we're building

At Navattic, we’re on a mission to enable all teams to achieve product-led growth. In the consumer world, it’s the expectation that you can try out services and software before buying. This is not the case in the B2B world and we’re on a mission to enable all teams to create “try before you buy” experiences, like our interactive Navattic demo.

What we value

We'll go into a lot more detail when speaking with you, but our core values are:

  • Move with a bias towards action
  • Relentlessly focus on the long term, even over short-term wins
  • Exceptional ownership
  • Practice what we preach

Traction & investors

Since launching last year, we’ve been fortunate to work with 140+ companies including Ramp, Front, and Fivetran. As of late, we’ve been particularly busy. We’ve grown from 70 to 140 customers in the last 10 weeks! Customers love Navattic; we have a large library of amazing customer calls and quotes.

We are well funded and backed by great investors, including Y Combinator, 645 Ventures and a variety of strategic angels.

Why join now?

As an early team member you will help shape:

  1. The direction of our product and our go-to-market strategy - What features should we build next? What tooling can we build to support further growth? Many questions in this vein are still yet to be answered.
  2. Our company culture, practices, and processes - Maintaining a nimble, remote organization at scale is a hard problem we want to solve and we’d love your help. Many of our employees have influenced or made significant changes as we’ve grown.

We’re at an exciting point where a lot is working but the opportunity is immense and there's much more to build & shape. Our open positions are listed below.

Open positions

Full-stack engineer

As a full-stack engineer, you will be responsible for setting the standard for future employees and the cadence of product development. You'll join our lean engineering team in wearing many hats and working on all parts of our tech stack.

Core responsibilities will be building out new features requested by our customers, developing extensible JS libraries, and brainstorming creative solutions to challenging problems.

Personal traits we are looking for:

  • Are naturally curious and willing to pick up new skills.
  • Gets excited about solving interesting problems.
  • Has deep empathy for the end user and willing to talk to customers to reach a deep understanding of the problem.
  • Can verbalize several proposed solutions for a given problem. Earnest to collaborate, but defaults to action and can autonomously figure out the solution to a problem.
  • Is opinionated, but enjoys the benefits of being a generalist and not tied down to a specific language, framework, or part of our codebase.

Experience we're looking for:

  • Typescript / JS / React / Node
  • Developing efficient, extensible JS libraries

We're looking for all types of talent.

Even if you don't see an open position that matches your experience, send us your resume and tell us about an interesting project that you've worked on and we'll get back to you if we think there's a fit!