2022 Website Trends: Bold Design with Olga Andrienko

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Olga Andrienko VP of Brand Marketing at Semrush, the leading online visitor management SaaS platform that’s been used by ten million digital users worldwide.

Olga has ten-plus years of marketing experience and six-plus years in leadership roles of B2B marketing teams that delivered significant market share and revenue growth.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Personalized, eye-catching landing pages
  • Why unique copy and color are important on your website
  • How organic search is vital to boosting your traffic and revenue

To start, give a high-level introduction of your background

I’ve been with Semrush for almost nine years, and it’s been a wild ride, going from a small startup to a public company.

And I’ve always been involved with anything related to our brand, our community, and various audiences. Recently, I helped redesign the brand, and I’m very excited about how people are now engaging with our website.

What are some gold standard websites that you just love right now?

We are looking at Monday.com a lot. We’re not necessarily interested in their primary home page or website structure, but we are very impressed by their landing pages.

We think they’re putting a lot of effort into their advertising, catering these landing pages to each audience segment. They run a lot of competitor comparisons, and these have clickable elements that reinforce why Monday.com is the leader in project management – and make for a more exciting experience.

We also really like the bright colors they use.

What are top trends you’re seeing for websites this year?

I don’t think this is a new trend, but it’s something that I see more and more – it’s the sticky button.

For example, our competitors have used one on their homepage for the past two years. We’re testing this on our landing pages now, and are experimenting with the color of our CTA button as well. We feel that the brighter it is, the better it works.

With websites, you only have a short amount of time to grab a visitor’s attention and teach them about your product. So I see websites experimenting a lot, trying to find what works best.

Another thing I’m seeing a lot is putting numbers on home pages. Numbers may not mean much, but they make the homepage a bit more eye-catching. The same goes for color.

Some companies feel more comfortable with a white, clean look. But we did some tests on landing pages, and brighter colors won out against white pages. So we are currently in the process of changing our look and feel.

What is a trend you’re ready to see end this year for websites?

The hero image is something a lot of websites should reconsider. They should play around with how to present it, maybe they don’t even need a hero image. I also think it helps to reduce the “me, me, me” feeling visitors get.

Something else people need to be considering is search – especially organic search. It brings so much more traffic to the website. Even in our organization, our SEO team is involved in every website change.

If you mess it up, the company may lose a big chunk of traffic and revenue. Don’t ignore your SEO team.

What are some of your favorite tools right now for website design or optimization?

I love Figma. That’s where we discuss all of our new designs, and it’s great for team collaboration.

Tell us more about Semrush

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