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Focusing on What Matters Most in Top Funnel Sales

Randy FrankJuly 16, 2021

Chris Ortolano (Outbound Edge) x Navattic

Chris Ortolano is the founder and principal at Outbound Edge, a consultancy that helps drive collaborative sales through agile playbooks to increase buyer/seller alignment. Chris is also the community manager at SalesStack, a community forum of sales and marketing leaders discussing shifting go-to-marketing trends, patterns, and best practices.

As an advisor and mentor in the technology sales space, Chris has seen top of funnel sales evolve to meet new buyer demands. As we discuss in our conversation, buyers are looking for new opportunities to engage with vendors including asynchronous and self-service options. This new demand is pushing sellers to lead with thier product and adopt new strategies to enable buyers to drive their own buying process.

Additionally, we discuss the critical role of insights and analytics in a product-led sales motion. Product tours offer a valuable set of buyer metrics to tell a story that can be hard to uncover in a traditional sales-led funnel. This data can drive better decision making to help vendors tailor the buyer experience for each and every customer.

Listen to the full conversation!

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