Investing in Presales - How a Great Demo Moves the Needle

Randy Frank
August 02, 2021

Kerry Sokalsky (Presales Mastery) x Navattic

I sat down with Kerry Sokalsky, President and Founder at Presales Mastery where he helps B2B software sellers improve their win rates and close more business through personalized 1-on-1 demo coaching. Kerry has over 15 years of presales and sales enablement leadership experience at both dynamic software startups and Fortune 50 firms. Kerry founded Presales Mastery to address the need for personalized demo enablement that pre-packaged training programs can’t deliver.

During our conversation, we explored how teams are investing in growing and scaling presales teams through additional headcount and tooling. We discussed the role of the product demo when it comes to showing real value and ROI for a presales organization. We also looked into the changing role of the product demo in regards to how prospects view the demo in the sales lifecycle.

As more and more small to enterprise software organizations make the transition to a product-led go-to-market selling motion, the role of the sales-led demo is fundamentally shifting. We took a look at the technical sales role of the future to see how today’s sales engineers can up-skill themselves to prepare for a changing buyer dynamic in a product-first world.

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