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“Getting to Wow”: Helping Growth Teams Accelerate the Time to Value

Randy FrankJuly 19, 2021

Chris White (TechSalesAdvisors) x Navattic

I sat down with the Demo Doctor, Chris White, founder of TechSalesAdvisors. With over 30 years in technical sales and consulting, Chris has built a business that elevates presales professionals through team sales training and development. Chris is the author of the Amazon best-seller The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers. As a presales thought leader, Chris helps teams craft and deliver the right story during the sales demonstration needed to close the deal making him the perfect guest for today’s conversation on “Getting to Wow”: Helping Growth Teams Accelerate the Time to Value.

During our conversation, we explored different strategies to engage the modern sales buyer. Today’s buyers are busy with many conflicting priorities and needs and getting and maintaining buyer attention is harder than ever. As Chris mentions, when working with prospective buyers, it is critical to find the key “wow moments” that resonnate with a buyer. Nobody has the time to see every part of the offering so finding a few highlights to share can keep engagement high and maximize prospect value. This scoping excercise helps sellers tell a story that matters to each and every prospect.

We also explored the changing role of the technical seller in a product-led world. With information readily available, sellers need to evolve from a product expert to a customer expert. Sellers need to adapt to these changing business constraints to become a true advisor to help prospective buyers navigate the buying journey and answer the “so what” rather than “how” questions.

Listen to the full conversation!

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