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Can I experience the product hands-on?

As solution engineers, we heard this question all the time. We noticed that modern buyers are increasingly requiring hands-on product experiences before making a purchasing decision. And frankly, the options available to teams today aren't ideal:

1. Engage in a lengthy proof-of-concept/pilot

2. Share an empty/unguided trial or sandbox environment

3. Say no

So, we created Navattic to offer a stellar option #4. With Navattic, teams can replicate their demo environment, add tooltips to guide prospects through the demo and share it out with prospects via a distinct link.

Demos, Welcome to the Limelight.

Software today is optimized for the end user experience, not the demo experience. We created Navattic to provide teams the tools they need to create and share winning demonstrations at scale.

Are you a member of the sales or marketing space currently experiencing frustrations? Reach out to us at [email protected] or request a demo below.

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