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Lightning Reskin

Your prospects are unique, your product demos should be as well. Deliver personalized demos at unprecedented speeds.

Dashboards tell a story. Make sure yours tells the right one.

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Total Payouts
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New Customer Accounts
Projected Revenue Top Customers
Hourly, Tomorrow
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Deliver Personalized Demos that

Sales Engineer
Account Executive
Solution Engineer
Sales Lead

Customize without code

Navattic was built with Sales Enablement in mind. It's built to be highly configurable and easy to work with. Stop wrestling with deployed enviroments, struggling to personalize data sources, and figuring out access controls. Jump straight into delivering demos that make prospects happy and move your business forward.

Works with any frontend

If it runs in the browser, it can be edited with Lightning Reskin

Intuitive editing tools

Get up and running quickly with powerful tools to modify your application

One enviroment, many versions

Everything runs in the browser so there’s no impact on the underlying data or need to spin up new environments

Show Demos That Excite Your Prospects

Get to close faster by nailing your prospect's use case earlier in the sales cycle.

Accelerate the sales cycle

Reduce the number of POCs by showing personalized demos early on.

Show a tailored demo, every time

Display the power of your solution, through the eyes of the buyer.

Customize in minutes

Create absurdly customized demos in minutes using our no-code visual editor.

See how teams are using Navattic to improve their demo conversion

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