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Live Deploy

Create an explorable, guided demo of your application for your prospects. Forget the technical headaches.

Share Self-Guided Demos that

Sales Engineer
Account Executive
Solution Engineer
Sales Lead

Create Interactive Demos

Navattic Live Deploy enables your prospects to personally experience the power of your platform.

Separate Sandbox

Clone your existing demo environment into a distinct sandbox, available to personalize and share.

Guided Walkthroughs

Provide your prospects with guided tooltips to experience the platform with ease

Customize For Prospects

Show your buyers what matters to them in an interactive demo experience

Share Interactive Demos

Curate a personalized, explorable demo so your prospects can experience your platform on their own time. Get win intelligence through embedded usage tracking.

Shareable Links

Give your prospects a link to a personalized demo enviroment.

Feature Engagement

Understand the features that matter most to your prospect.

Usage Tracking

See who in the organization has experienced your demo.


Pre-Demo Product Experiences USE CASE

Share an explorable, guided product experience with prospects early in the sales cycle.

Demo Automation

Share self-guided product experiences to automate early stage or unqualified demos.

Meet Their Use Case

Understand what your prospects want to see sooner by sharing a product experience before the demo.

Slice & Dice Your Product

Share product experiences for specified segments of your application

Post-Demo Product Experiences USE CASE

Accelerate demo momentum by sharing an explorable product experience as a follow up.

Winning Follow Ups

Enable buyers to get hands-on in a guided, controlled product experience.

Empower Buyers

Empower prospective buyers to share a hands-on experience with internal teams.

Usage Tracking

Gather intel on who viewed your demo and what components they’re interested in.

Drive Product-Led Growth USE CASE

Share an interactive product experience for marketing initiatives.

Better Than Video

Guided product experiences are more engaging than video and static collateral.

Differentiated Email Campaigns

Ignite product interest and accelerate lead conversion by embedding in email campaigns.

Account-Based Marketing

Drive interest by sharing personalized product experiences with target accounts.

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