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Streamline user onboarding and drive feature adoption with guided product tours.

Create Product Tours that

Product Managers
Customer Success
Product Marketing

How It Works

Seamlessly activate new users with in-app checklists and guided walkthroughs.

In-App Guidance

Create intuitive user tours with guided walkthroughs and task-based checklists

Usage Tracking

See detailed analytics around user engagement with product tours

No Coding Required

Build amazing user tours in minutes with our no-code editor

Streamline Product Adoption

Engage prospects, onboard new users and turn current users into advocates with in-app contextual guidance.

Pre-Sales Guidance

Engage prospects by embedding guided walkthroughs in your existing demo and trial environments.

New User Onboarding

Get users activated faster with in-app guided walkthroughs and task-based checklists.

Feature Adoption

Use tooltips and modals to drive awareness of your product's latest features.

See how teams are using Navattic to improve their demo conversion

Get Started

Get a demo to see Navattic in action

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