Product Updates

G2 and TrustRadius Embeds

We have added in app support for our new partnership with G2 and TrustRadius.

G2 embed demos will be automatically optimized for review website profiles.

Interactive demo embeds are available for users on the G2 essentials plan and are free for any TrustRadius user.

Read step by step instructions on how to add a demo in our blog post.

UI Update

We refreshed the Navattic application UI to streamline the interactive demo building experience.

Themes, Integrations, and Labels can now be accessed from the “Manage” submenu for easier access.

The new UI includes additional filtering capabilities to the capture collection, guides, and projects views.

Blog Updates

State of the Interactive Product Demo 2023

Over the past year there are three questions customers have frequently asked us:

  • Where are interactive demos most commonly used?
  • How do we optimize our interactive demo for success?
  • How do we promote and distribute our interactive demo?

So we looked at our top performing demos out of the 3000+ built on our platform to answer those questions.

Read our State of the Interactive Product Demo 2023 for the answer to these questions.

Customer Product Demo Spotlight

Congrats to Gorgias for launching their first interactive demo this month.

See how Gorgias helps you stay on top of customer interactions through automation and integration.

To see more customer spotlights - follow our LinkedIn page.


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