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Manage the full lifecycle of Kubernetes clusters and modern applications with ease at any scale.



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Sunnyvale, 2017

Customer Highlight

Rafay Systems

What is Rafay?

The Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform is a turnkey offering that automates Kubernetes cluster management, modern application deployment and operations at scale. The platform enables development, operations and site reliability engineering teams to govern, manage and monitor multiple Kubernetes clusters and distros, and operating applications in Kubernetes environments running on-premise, in the cloud or at the Edge.

What was the problem you were facing?

From a sales perspective, we were struggling to engage with our customers after we did a demo. We had multiple pieces of collateral a prospect could reference after the call, we used call recordings, but realistically, who is going to listen to an hour long call. From an onboarding perspective, getting the people familiarized with the platform early on was difficult. “Where do I go to do certain tasks?”, “What is the true value prop here?”

Why Navattic?

Ease of use was key. Ever other solution we explored required some level of engineering support to get started. With Navattic, I could figure the platform out in seconds and built a demo that I could deliver to customers, quickly.

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