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Philadelphia, 2018

Customer Highlight


What is QuotaPath

QuotaPath helps high-performing, rapidly scaling revenue organizations manage and track variable compensation while automating the commissions’ process. Ditch spreadsheets or other tools for a stress-free way to track and pay commissions.

What was the problem you were facing?

Prior to Navattic, we were losing prospects exiting our page before ever getting in front of our solution. We wanted to showcase our solution to top of the funnel prospects before ever talking to sales or setting up an account.

Why Navattic?

Navattic enables us to quickly build out the right product demo for the right buyer persona. Now, we use an interactive demo call to action on our exit intent form as a tool to drive engagement and convert website visitors to leads.

What are some results you have seen?

Navattic interactive demos give us the flexibility to easily showcase the right product value proposition for our different buyers which has increased conversions and brought in more business. With this new and engaging CTA, we are seeing a 25% demo conversion from customers that otherwise would have left the site.

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